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#4 - karvarausku (09/13/2013) [-]
User avatar #6 to #5 - unlithe (09/14/2013) [-]
do you know of a site that sells those?
User avatar #7 to #6 - karvarausku (09/14/2013) [-]
I have no idea. I remember when they were saying this was the future in 2008, but I guess it was just too expensive to start mass producting the,
User avatar #8 to #7 - unlithe (09/14/2013) [-]
damn i wanted to freeze myself
#9 to #8 - karvarausku (09/14/2013) [-]
or you just wanted to f*** the gel... Didn't you?
or you just wanted to f*** the gel... Didn't you?
User avatar #10 to #9 - unlithe (09/14/2013) [-]
believe it or not, i think that would be the least interesting part. why not freese yourself for 1000 years?
User avatar #11 to #10 - karvarausku (09/14/2013) [-]
because you would die in there. You would freeze, but also you would die. One of the reasons would be that you wouldn't get any air in there.
User avatar #12 to #11 - unlithe (09/14/2013) [-]
effective means of suicide incase world war z happens...
User avatar #13 to #12 - karvarausku (09/14/2013) [-]
My honest opinion of the movie?

It sucked. I was expecting really something new from the movie, but it gave me nothing new. + the ending climax where the guy just inserted HIV (or other disease) to himself and walked away from zombies just felt like " **** it lets just end the movie"
User avatar #14 to #13 - unlithe (09/14/2013) [-]
well the zombies in that seemed like superhuman zombies so... yeah i wouldnt survive
User avatar #15 to #14 - karvarausku (09/14/2013) [-]
nothing I wouldn't have seen from 28 days later already.

But what do you think the disease / virus / infection would do after every single human being would suddenly get some kind of disease? They would start to rampage the humans again to spread the zombie virus, they wouldn't care about the disease anymore, because they would be the "healthy" humans again.

But yeah it's funny how the zombies now days turn into superhuman creatures that can rip off spines etc. when you have to work really hard to open the pickle can :/
User avatar #16 to #15 - unlithe (09/14/2013) [-]
yep. personaly, id preffer a flood invasion to zombism. at least the flood added a lot of new elements
User avatar #17 to #16 - karvarausku (09/14/2013) [-]
lets just be honest... They are running out of ideas :C
User avatar #18 to #17 - unlithe (09/14/2013) [-]
yeah. whats your favorite form of human scifi mutation?
User avatar #27 to #18 - karvarausku (09/14/2013) [-]
Yeah it's really pain in the ass when that happens... When I got the computer i could run Borderlands 2 in med. Now I can't play it even with lowest of the lowest settings (talking about going in init files) it sucks :/
User avatar #28 to #27 - unlithe (09/14/2013) [-]
yeah that does suck. im mostly a console gamer so i dont have to worry about hardware for most games.
User avatar #33 to #28 - karvarausku (09/14/2013) [-]
Yeap. Trying to weasel my way out of the situation. So I could at least buy something too.
User avatar #29 to #28 - karvarausku (09/14/2013) [-]
heh. I'm trying to get better computer for next year (was going to get a new one before the end of the year, but got screwed over)

Then finally I can start play the games I have ^^.
User avatar #30 to #29 - unlithe (09/14/2013) [-]
all i really want is to play firefall. after all, i have spent $205 on it(yes i know. im a sad excuse for a human being). so apparently a really cheap model from bestbuy will do.
User avatar #31 to #30 - karvarausku (09/14/2013) [-]
heh. Well I was supposed to buy new computer in 11.2013, but I barely have money to pay rent, electrical bills and food so I can't really afford it right now. They are trying to make me take a loan so I would be in debt :/. sucks.
User avatar #32 to #31 - unlithe (09/14/2013) [-]
that sounds really really ****** .
User avatar #19 to #18 - karvarausku (09/14/2013) [-]
from games or movies or anything?
User avatar #20 to #19 - unlithe (09/14/2013) [-]
anything at all. could be the damn fuel stuff from district 9.
User avatar #21 to #20 - karvarausku (09/14/2013) [-]
Honestly I don't know my favorite, I'm more of Fantasy guy and they are mostly some mythological creatures.

but mutations damn... why does it happen that every time you try to think something you just blank out...
User avatar #22 to #21 - unlithe (09/14/2013) [-]
i like fantasy too. but have you played a game called firefall? it has my favorite form of scifi mutation. corruption.
User avatar #25 to #22 - karvarausku (09/14/2013) [-]
Well the issue mostly is why I don't play the games they play is my internet connection. Right now I have to use my mobile phone for internet and the speed is even worse than it was when I used in previous house (prob all the wlan + antennas disturbing the signals)

+ my computer is pretty old and can't really run the games so good, have to save some money for new computer too :/
User avatar #26 to #25 - unlithe (09/14/2013) [-]
i see. mine cant even play firefall anymore since the new patch. graphics card stuff.
User avatar #23 to #22 - karvarausku (09/14/2013) [-]
yeah some of my friends started to play it even bought the starter pack, but then they just quit the game for no reason (they do that constantly, play some game for week and stop)

Haven't played it myself thou.
User avatar #24 to #23 - unlithe (09/14/2013) [-]
you should. plus i need someone to take my founder masks. i have like 6 left(i got the commander pack). maybe you could ask one of your friends if they could transfer their account to your email
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