Assassin's Creed 4: Rainbow flag. THIS IS MY FIRST CONTENT, IT'S OC, AND I'M PROBABLY NOT POSTING MORE. This is some OC content I made while in a call with a fr assassins creed ASS clown white space First Post EVER  fuck
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Assassin's Creed 4: Rainbow flag

Assassin's Creed 4: Rainbow flag. THIS IS MY FIRST CONTENT, IT'S OC, AND I'M PROBABLY NOT POSTING MORE. This is some OC content I made while in a call with a fr


This is some OC content I made while in a call with a friend of mine. We got to thinking about how cool the new AC could be, and I just shouted; 'ASSASSIN'S CREED 4: CLOWN WARFARE." I then typed this up. It's good.

The fiftieth assassin in the line of the Creed appris ches the office of the . president. He' s dressed as a clown - his hair is a rain bow striped afro; he wears a canvas bodysuit, decorated with bright
puppies and daisies with faces. He wears a simple, plastic clown mask - maybe you could find it at a play, maybe during halloween. His hair bounces as his massive clownish DES clamp across the carpet
same of the most impressive men ifall time have walked daily. He' s here to meet the president; and he' s net leaving until he entertains him. The office is dead silent as he enters; the president and his
aging first lady stand side by side, two lines of official looking men standing in neat rows, clad in crisp suits, blutooth earpieces, and reflective sunglasses. The clown grins, and under the mask, he' s
expressionless. His voice is hollow through the mask, and gravelly like that efan experienced killer. ''I' m the entertainment." His hands, swift asa flash of lightning, appear next to each other, oversize
sleeves billowing as he brings his hands together in a motion synonymous with pleasure , a clap. At the same moment, a baggie filled with flash powder comes between his hands. The room erupts in
light and smoke, stunning in the previous silence. As liquid as water, He ducks, a reactive gunshot shaving an inch off of his colorful hair. His hands dip into his pockets, and as he straightens, his hands
lash outwards, flinging oversize bowling pins. They strike each of the guards aimed in the forehead - crumpling like a sack of potatoes. He turns, and the other guard, ducking another bullet,
and bringer ] foot up; a faint click sounds as his heel brushes the carpet, a long stilleto extending from the tip of the shoe, plunging into the guard' s chest. He brings his foot down ente the
carpet with a thud, the slim knife remaining embedded in the man' s breast. He grips it with a cheerful, hand, and slings it across the reem, into the remaining guard' s threat. He clutches
it with two hands, eyes wide, and unbelieving, crimson rain spattering the carpet that bears the . seal, falling to the floor with a thump. "Who are you?! What the hell?!" The president yells, a bull-
throated rear as he slams his palms en the tableflip. The first lady is in the corner, sobbing, her carefully done makeout running down hamface. He steps to the President, staring at him in all of his crazy
splender. He says, in a voice ofa man who' s killed a thousand people, ''I' m the last of the line of the Assassins who' operated since the days of the templars. lam the clown. I will entertain you -And in
ways you can never be entertained by any other man." He tears off the silly mask to reveal the face of a man, wearing a rubber nase, and clown makeout covering scars. A eyetwitch covers
his right eye, and a beard with a single long plait runs ever his chin, pressing into his neck. It' s braided with . He raises his hand, and squeezes his hand inaba fist, his fingers touchings pressure-
sensitive pad that activates the small caliber pistol hidden in his bright yellow Rowe r, en the front of his suit. It erupts with a bang, the .22 round exiting the president' s back, a small ambu of blood
dribbling from precisely where his heart is. He gasps, we last time, and falls to the desk, dead. The clown turns, nods at the wife, and jumps out the window, somersaulting ,
perfect landing. He begins sprinting, and jumps the fence, flip as he does, beinga handstand to gain leverage as he does, landing ente his feet. He pinches
his nase as he stands, and it beeps- slowly, with nanoseconds inbetween the next, then faster, up until there' s net even a millisecond inbetween. It stops, and the clown the first time in his life.
Hellfire. The erupts from the Suitemate bombs he' s placed around the building as he' s been waiting there for three days for his visit; the building is utterly totalled, orange fire and glass
shards streaming from the ruined hulk of . property. He smiles, for the first time in his life. He turns away, and enters his massive van, painted with wolves and unicorns, two of them wearing their
ban . He drives away, the picture of stealth.
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