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#45 - alogicaldeduction
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(09/12/2013) [-]
My kitten wouldn't stop harassing me for my chicken tikka masala (extra hot) earlier on. I sat down, expecting to enjoy the deliciousness unhindered, until the little **** jumped up onto my lap and stuck it's butthole in my face as if to say ''FREEEEDOOOOMMM''. So. I picked it up, put it next to me, then offered it some of the sauce from my little finger. It licked it, froze for a second as if to say ''OH GODS WHAT HAVE I DONE'', then spazzed the **** out doing flips and ****. Avoided me for 5 minutes, jumped back up onto my knee. Tried offering more sauce. It glared at me, hissed as soon as it smelt the deliciousness, then clawed the **** outa my arm, fleeing the scene with dramatic grace afterwards, imaginary trails of 'ABORT ABORT ABORT' flyin' behind it.

TL;DR: Cat attacked me for spicynoms, spazzed out when it was too hot, came back for more, attacked me over it. Totally worth it.