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#206 - muken (09/09/2013) [-]
You press the button.

Money starts EXLPODING out of thin air at a phenomenal rate. You suddenly and tragically realize the severity of your error as you are violently blown out the wall of your apartment with bone crushing force. Your death is at least merciful.

The rest of the people in your city, not so much so, as many of them get to run in fear of the massive oncoming tidal waves of cash radiating out from your room, before they too are crushed. But even they have it easy compared to the people living around the world who have to live out the coming days of global climate changes and ecological disaster as the massive amount of displaced air and earth, and imbalanced mass of the planet cause tsunamis and storms around the world.

Long after you have brought extinction to every living thing on earth, the still blossoming fountain of infinite money eventually raises the mass of the planet until it starts spiralling into the sun, which now inherits the money fountain of doom. Millenia later, the ever-inflating mass of our solar system becomes a compressed singularity sucking in others.

Eons later, the poor residents of Nebulon 6 on the other side of the Milky Way tragically never got to learn why their planet started drifting out of their solar system.

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