Toy Story. Source: Imgur. So I was watching Toy Story the other day when I thought of something.... This woman may be more important than we know. Let' s start  Toy Story Source: Imgur So I was watching the other day when thought of something This woman may be more important than we know Let' s start
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Toy Story

So I was watching Toy Story the other
day when I thought of something....
This woman may be more important
than we know.
Let' s start at the beginning (a very good
place to start). In Toy Story 2, Jessie is
left on the side of the road by her owner
sunset with an unknown person. This
person, I believe, is Emily' s boyfriend
and, eventually, Andy' s dad. This, of
course, makes Emily Andy' s mom.
Let' s look a the facts.
First, Jessie and Woody are old, rare
toys. We know this from Toy Story 2
when we learn of Woody' s Roundup and
Al from Al' s Toy Barn selling the
collection to the museum in Tokyo.
So why, since Woody is such an old and
rare toy, would Andy' s mom buy Andy til
Woody doll? He obviously wouldn' t be
on the shelfs at the local toy store. My
theory is that since Emily is Andy' s
mom, she found a Woody doll,
remembered her Jessie doll she had, an:
felt sentimental towards Woody.
Therefore, she bought Woody for Andy.
But how do we know that this Woody
doll wasn' t just a reproduction of the
original and was sold at a toy store?
When Al finds Woody, he mentions all o f
the characteristics of the original
Woody doll to describe Woody,
configuring that Woody is an original.
However, Emily can' t be Andy' s mom if
she' s not old enough.
The scene where Emily leaves Jessie is
decorated according to the styles of the
70' s/ 80' s, and when Emily leaves, the
decor, clothing, and car can be
attributed to the modulate 80' s. If Emily
did run off with a boy and if she got
pregnant, it makes sense that in Toy
Story, Andy is about 5 or 6 (Toy Story
was realeased in 1995). So, Emily get
pregnant, there is a shotgun wedding,
Andy is born, the father gets a good job
and a big house. Now we come to the
first Toy Story.
or just a freak accident. Two, he
couldn' t handle being settled down and
left Emily alone with Andy and
newborn Molly. Also, note that
compared to the old house, the new
house is smaller. This is
due to the fact that Emily is now a
single mother and couldn' t afford the
big house. (Note, they only move
across town. During the chase at the
end, they never get on a major highway
or travel for long hours. They also only
travel accidentially.)
Another thing to consider; At the end
of Toy Story 2, why doesn' t Andy' s
mom question the sudden apperance of
Jessie and the new toys? She doesn' t
recognize her Jessie doll (nor does
Jessie recognize her), but she gets
sentimental again and allows Andy to
keep her.
Tl: DR- Andy" s mom is Emily, who used
to own Jessie. She' s old enough to be
Andy" s mom and she' s x ery
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