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Submitted: 09/03/2013
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#18 - ngrbby (09/04/2013) [-]
Its like the turtleneck thing Howard wears from The Big Bang.
User avatar #17 - zpryed ONLINE (09/04/2013) [-]
monsters thats who invented these
User avatar #16 - plasmaknife (09/04/2013) [-]
Mormons..... thats who
User avatar #14 - arkytior (09/04/2013) [-]
o.O I wouldn't wear this
User avatar #11 - zzforrest (09/04/2013) [-]
I actually find these attractive
User avatar #10 - kikisu (09/04/2013) [-]
Its if you love the way a shirt looks on you but its too low cut for whatever you want. I use those kinds of things if I've got an interview, or if I'm at a function with lots of children.
User avatar #9 - TheFreak (09/04/2013) [-]
I kinda want to carry these around and throw them at women who wear revealing shirts and then get mad when people look.
User avatar #8 - natanhiel (09/04/2013) [-]
"Oh no now I can't treat women like sex objects"

yeh ok
User avatar #12 to #8 - pappanoodles ONLINE (09/04/2013) [-]
>implying girls will buy it , because they don't show their cleavage on purpose..
#6 - leondude ONLINE (09/04/2013) [-]
CamiSecret Dub
#4 - anonymous (09/04/2013) [-]
Why would you wear a low cut shirt if you dont want to show cleavage... might aswell wear a regular shirt then.
User avatar #20 to #4 - thepink (09/04/2013) [-]
1 - not all shirts are necessarily "low-cut," at least at first. ******* happen and **** up all your **** I can't even button, yo.

2- I gotta leave the house somehow. I've had a few "you're not wearing that without something underneath it" talks. Plus, it adds versatility. All of a sudden a titty showcase is appropriate for... anywhere. Dress pants can suck it
#7 to #4 - schokoplaetzchen (09/04/2013) [-]
Maybe that shirt looks damn good.
User avatar #13 to #7 - doctorhax ONLINE (09/04/2013) [-]
Tits look better
User avatar #3 - ldmultipass (09/04/2013) [-]
#2 - justinacase (09/03/2013) [-]
**justinacase rolled user fimirae **
#1 - dezzka (09/03/2013) [-]
I'm not a women, but this is my manly cry over something that has to do with changing sexy and attractive.
I'm not a women, but this is my manly cry over something that has to do with changing sexy and attractive.
#15 to #1 - lellone (09/04/2013) [-]
wtf did i just read
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