Friendship. Trying to not put a punchline title is hard these days... and i'm not going to do an epic desc here guise.. technophilia why do monies get so upset
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Trying to not put a punchline title is hard these days... and i'm not going to do an epic desc here guise.

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Submitted: 09/03/2013
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#567 - wtfduud (09/04/2013) [-]
To all the bronies saying they aren't mad, that wasn't even an offensive joke, it was just a wordplay.
#553 - diegotan (09/04/2013) [-]
I'm a brony and yet I never got friendzoned. Well, I don't wear fedora though.
Let the red thumb flow through me!
#579 to #553 - mkgt (09/06/2013) [-]
I don't believe you
I don't believe you
#552 - anonymous (09/04/2013) [-]
Been with Funnyjunk for years... I am no longer human...
#550 - gladiuss (09/04/2013) [-]
Dr. Hue!
Dr. Hue!
User avatar #531 - tigronn (09/04/2013) [-]
If I may ask you how do i get friendzoned when i dont go outside? AHA
#526 - nortledrones (09/04/2013) [-]
This image has expired
Girls dig guys who watch MLP.
User avatar #523 - darnhaz (09/04/2013) [-]
Kill me.
#518 - ogod has deleted their comment [-]
#515 - darkjustifier (09/04/2013) [-]
well they do call them Girl "friends"
User avatar #498 - bushingenna (09/04/2013) [-]
someone post the XD gif pls
#583 to #498 - osamathemamalama (09/11/2013) [-]
Happy birthday
Happy birthday
User avatar #584 to #583 - bushingenna (09/12/2013) [-]
that was a long ass time ago
User avatar #497 - ispn (09/04/2013) [-]

a room with dimensions 14.5 ft x 16.5 ft x 8.0 ft is equal to an area of 1914 ft^3 correct?
User avatar #547 to #497 - theshadowed (09/04/2013) [-]
User avatar #513 to #497 - marconde (09/04/2013) [-]
My name is Ralph.
User avatar #514 to #513 - ispn (09/04/2013) [-]
Well, hello Ralph it's nice of you to join our conversation.
#510 to #497 - ldcrsyoshi (09/04/2013) [-]
Your number is correct, but with significant figures you would just leave it as 1900 ft^3, or better yet put it in scientific notation with correct sig figs: 1.9 x 10^3 ft^3. Also you may want to note that ft^3 is not an area, but rather a volume.

Depending on how anal your instructor/grader is, you could lose points for these small things.
User avatar #512 to #510 - ispn (09/04/2013) [-]
He stated he would be easy on Sig Figs for a bit, plus i just did 30 problems about finding the right amount of them, so honestly, screw sig figs man. Thank you for the concern though, im pretty sure i ended up with the right result
User avatar #488 - sach (09/04/2013) [-]
Yeah it really gets there fedoras in a bunch1
#487 - quantummech (09/04/2013) [-]
I don't call it "friendzone" I call it "The feelings weren't mutual, so I should get over it."
#473 - ithyphallophobia **User deleted account** (09/04/2013) [-]
Pony post.....I'll just avoid the comments and be on my way.
Pony post.....I'll just avoid the comments and be on my way.
#457 - sequel (09/04/2013) [-]
Warning : This comment section contains a massive amount of autistic posts. If you do not wish to cringe, please leave now.
Warning : This comment section contains a massive amount of autistic posts. If you do not wish to cringe, please leave now.
#470 to #457 - ApocalypseKing (09/04/2013) [-]
Instead, broken gif thread?
Instead, broken gif thread?
#527 to #470 - chaosengine (09/04/2013) [-]
My favorite broken gif..
My favorite broken gif..
#436 - nonanonnon (09/04/2013) [-]
That was too good of a pun for me to get offended.
#435 - acleverusername (09/04/2013) [-]
why do people complain so much about being friendzoned, is being friends with someone you like so bad?
why do people complain so much about being friendzoned, is being friends with someone you like so bad?
User avatar #524 to #435 - darnhaz (09/04/2013) [-]
I broke up once (although no one will believe it) and since I've not really found an interest anyway.

I'd perfer friendzoned.
User avatar #474 to #435 - pwnedomega (09/04/2013) [-]
degrees1 -You are in the friend zone but there is room to get out and get laid casually.She doesnt talk about other guys in front of you and there is sexual tension at times.Its the only friend zone level to be at because it can actually flip into the awesome friends with benefits zone.2.Further into the friend zone trap. You probably know a bit of personal information about her.She still doesnt talk about guys in front of you and she has probably thought about making you a long term thing.If she is thinking about you longer term you havent had sex with her yet.3.Now we are entering danger territory.There is still an outside chance for sex with the girl.But it is significantly diminished or you have to spend a substantial time apart and then end up together and realize that it needs to happen.You know plenty of information about her and you party together with other friends.She will mention other guys but not in the, oh I want to **** him kind of way even though that is what she means.4.2% chance of sex and you need to both be absolutely hammered and there needs to some other type of tension besides sex.Thats the only way its going to work.She thinks of you when there is a crisis and tells all her friends that you are the best but cant manage to help you get laid or into a real relationship.After all being in the friend zone for the girl has perks like having Mr good guy at her beckon whim.You are a proven dependable and understanding person.She talks about guys in front of you and may have recently just ended a longer term relationship which is why she isnt ready.You know way to much about her and her isnt ready really means never. 5. Its over. Pack up your bags and go home.Youre never having sex with this girl. She talks about other guys and sex in front of are mr perfect just not for her and you have talked about this with her before.She explains that she is into dbags who treat her like **** and thats just not who you are.But hey you can be her best man.
User avatar #465 to #435 - pwnedomega (09/04/2013) [-]
"When a girl decides that you're her friend, you're no longer a dating option. You become this complete non-sexual entity in her eyes, like her brother, or a lamp."
#477 to #465 - marcury (09/04/2013) [-]
I love lamp
User avatar #566 to #477 - pwnedomega (09/04/2013) [-]
Do you really love lamp? Or are you just saying that
User avatar #468 to #465 - acleverusername (09/04/2013) [-]
if all you can think about is having sex with someone who is your friend then you're just being selfish, why ruin a perfectly good relationship
User avatar #475 to #468 - pwnedomega (09/04/2013) [-]
Is not the point of a relationship to get married and eventually reproduce?
User avatar #535 to #475 - catburglarpenis ONLINE (09/04/2013) [-]
So you wanna marry your friends?
User avatar #565 to #535 - pwnedomega (09/04/2013) [-]
The amount of stupid is painful...
User avatar #576 to #565 - catburglarpenis ONLINE (09/05/2013) [-]
I'm saying that your logic doesn't exist in a vacuum. If the purpose of friendship is as you say, then your goal would be to befriend everybody until you achieve marriage, then stay painfully alone with only your partner for the rest of your life. You have friends, and a girlfriend. Your goal is not to marry your friends. So the purpose of friendship is not marriage. So as you say...

The amount of stupidity is unbearable...
User avatar #577 to #576 - pwnedomega (09/05/2013) [-]
I said relationship
User avatar #578 to #577 - catburglarpenis ONLINE (09/05/2013) [-]
Friendships ARE relationships. For help, here is the wiki link for the disambiguation of the definition of relationships:

You see, friendships ARE relationships, and marriage is a human construct. Human pairing is just like animal pairing, and doesn't require laws, money, and arbitrary ceremony, and a marriage license. Yes, the goal of an intimate relationship IS life pairing (which may or may not include a single partner, as seen on the "Family Values" episode of " ******** ! With Penn and Teller". But an intimate relationship has to be mutual. If a lady doesn't share your feelings, and doesn't want the friendship to get into the intimate stage, then you don't get that choice. You've never wanted to move your relationship with your dad into the intimate stage have you? Well, what if he came onto you, and wanted to get romantic with you? Wouldn't you tell him that you and him should "just be friends"?
#472 to #468 - jeanmariegrangon (09/04/2013) [-]
since when is there computer in the kitchen?
User avatar #450 to #435 - oliveirajo (09/04/2013) [-]
Being friendzoned is exactly like you want a sundae and you get a pota
#454 to #450 - dontknowmeatall (09/04/2013) [-]
Neh, I'd say it's more like you go with your friend to buy sundaes and she gets the last one and eats it in front of you while you lick your spoon faking to enjoy your pota.
User avatar #456 to #454 - oliveirajo (09/04/2013) [-]
What the **** did I type. ''Pota''.
User avatar #522 to #456 - mrishouldstudy (09/04/2013) [-]
Because "to" followed by a period magicly disappears for some reason...
Here is a post about it :
#459 to #456 - dontknowmeatall (09/04/2013) [-]
I honestly have no idea. By the context I just assumed it was a lame ice cream.
User avatar #462 to #459 - oliveirajo (09/04/2013) [-]
User avatar #460 to #459 - oliveirajo (09/04/2013) [-]
User avatar #446 to #435 - giinthir (09/04/2013) [-]
Having someone you're interested in, permanently at the level of liking you enough to the point that you should be dating, but don't. And you get it in your head that if you keep at it thing'll change but never will. It's frustrating.
User avatar #448 to #446 - acleverusername (09/04/2013) [-]
sounds selfish to me
User avatar #452 to #448 - giinthir (09/04/2013) [-]
Friendship is great, but when you are interested in a relationship and they aren't, it gets frustrating.
User avatar #453 to #452 - acleverusername (09/04/2013) [-]
so that's a bad thing how? if you get into a relationship with them you'll probably end up screwing it up and now you're down a friend and a girlfriend
User avatar #571 to #453 - giinthir (09/04/2013) [-]
Yeah but we won't know if it'll work out if we don't try.
User avatar #572 to #571 - acleverusername (09/04/2013) [-]
why so late on the reply?
User avatar #573 to #572 - giinthir (09/04/2013) [-]
I just got back from work.
User avatar #461 to #453 - mrpavelowgrimm ONLINE (09/04/2013) [-]
Can't find my contacts could you tell me if this glass is half full or empty?
User avatar #463 to #461 - acleverusername (09/04/2013) [-]
it's both
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