Ditto. Left my ditto in the day care a little to long.. By level, it' s grown by sat.. 5200 Yen so no big deal Pokemon
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#13 - kieper (09/02/2013) [-]
>be little kid
>playing pokemon red
>left pidgey in daycare cuz why the **** not
>fast forward ten years
>find that game and start playing it
>get pidgey from daycare
>lvl 83 pidgey
> ************ still only knows original moves

mfw i beat elite four using scratch
#25 to #13 - kieper (09/03/2013) [-]
no point in explaining it now
User avatar #20 to #13 - sirvirus (09/02/2013) [-]
Day care exp is gained through steps taken, not time passed. Pidgey never knew scratch. When it gains a level and learns a new move in the day care, it replaces a move and all original moves will be erased eventually. All the flaws I see in that comment.
#14 to #13 - John Cena (09/02/2013) [-]
Your Pidgey knew scratch?

#19 to #13 - John Cena (09/02/2013) [-]
Not to mention that it daycare "exp" for lack of a better word, is earned to ingame walking
User avatar #16 to #13 - NolanNasty (09/02/2013) [-]
User avatar #17 to #13 - lasomacintosh (09/02/2013) [-]
Pidgey doesn't know or learn scratch in Pokemon Red.
#15 to #13 - kapane (09/02/2013) [-]
There are so many flaws here. My inner poke-fag is raging.
There are so many flaws here. My inner poke-fag is raging.
#22 - unotouchzetaco (09/02/2013) [-]
52 what?Units squared?Cubic Units?Mm?
#23 to #22 - pooplol (09/02/2013) [-]
"BY LEVEL" learn to read
#24 to #23 - unotouchzetaco (09/02/2013) [-]
Yep,i'm really stupid
User avatar #21 - infinitereaper ONLINE (09/02/2013) [-]
5200 Yen so no big deal
User avatar #18 - TheMather ONLINE (09/02/2013) [-]
Last time I checked, mine had grown by 80.
It just racks up when you're trying to fill the national Pokedex in Gen. V.
User avatar #3 - madcaseofpoobrain (09/02/2013) [-]
its so easy to rack up those levels if you run an emulator and like to turn the speed up to get places faster. the age goes up by the amount of steps you take.
User avatar #4 to #3 - madcaseofpoobrain (09/02/2013) [-]
wow, I meant experience...
User avatar #12 to #4 - bgskamikaze ONLINE (09/02/2013) [-]
on the emerald hacks there is a sweet spot near the daycare that with the mach bike you which you get close by as well that you can get 134 (iv counted) in a second literally a second and i raise them from around 16-17 when i get there to 30ish in like 5 or 6 minuets
User avatar #6 to #4 - privatepanda ONLINE (09/02/2013) [-]
Yeah, the pokemon gets one experience per step, right?
User avatar #2 - the fuzzball (09/01/2013) [-]
you take yoir ditto out?
User avatar #7 to #2 - silveravatar (09/02/2013) [-]
I think this was Gen 1, when you couldn't breed and could only store one pokemon in the Day Care.
User avatar #8 to #7 - omegazombielincoln (09/02/2013) [-]
it's gen 2 when breeding was introuduced to the series i can tell since there is 2old people instead of one
User avatar #9 to #8 - silveravatar (09/02/2013) [-]
You are correct, i made a mistake.
User avatar #10 to #9 - omegazombielincoln (09/02/2013) [-]
it's all good evryone makes mistakes
User avatar #1 - flammablefetus (09/01/2013) [-]
Don't they charge you for the amount it's grown?
#5 to #1 - John Cena (09/02/2013) [-]
Yeah but it's still not too much. I did the same thing in Black (because the daycare is on the route right after the 1st gym so I left it there and completed the whole game/after elite 4 stuff and it grew 40ish levels). I don't remember exactly how much it cost but it don't think it even put a dent into my funds.
#11 to #5 - ripgeckosncherios (09/02/2013) [-]
i believe its 100 poke as a base and 100 for every levelup
so content ditto cost 5300
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