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#137 - lemonn
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(09/01/2013) [-]
I did something similar once. I kept my bike around the side of my house I had done this for around 4 years without incident but one day it was stolen. I was pretty distraught since I used it to get to my gym almost every day. walking or running took 40 minutes to an hour. About two days afterwards after finishing my workout I was about to walk home when right outside of the gym chained with a puny combination lock was a bike that was the exact same color model and brand as mine. It was unmistakably my bike, so I told the dude at the front counter of the gym and he gave me a lock cutter, I was a regular there and all the employees knew it was my bike. I cut the lock and rode home. Frontdesk dude informed later that a confused Hispanic man asked the front desk what had happened to his new bike. It was a good day.