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who would win in a fight part 7 Dredd

I am going to restate: i am not trying to find a winner in
every single fight, but rather to eliminate the fighters
that cannot stand.
if the tight cannot be determined without reasonable
doubt, it will be labled as a Draw.
Dredd is a brute by human standards, but Mary still shames him by comparison.
In ranged combat, the lawgiver is a much better gun than the 191 1 Mary prefers to use,
however it still kills a man.
Niether Dredd nor Mary have any "powers" beyond their strength, which Mary excels in,
and their guns, which Dredd has a superior model, but in both cases, i cant pick a sinlge
winner from the fight as niether have a real edge
Result: Draw
Unlike the former battle, their firearms are much mere on par, Hellboys gun has mere
then enaugh power to turn Dredd into a red mist. The of the lawgiver on
hellboy is mere unknown, but its quite safe to assume that at least one form of its
ammunition can deal enaugh damage to kill.
the ones worth mentioning, would be high implosive, armor piercing, and hotshot, which
due to its heat seaking nature, would definatly track hellboys hellfire body temperature-
Hellboy has an extreme advantage WEI dredd though, in his pure body power, and in his
special arm, but nothing says Dredd cant pull out a victory of some sen.
Result: Draw (with Hellboy recieving heavy advantage)
Seeing the damage dealt from the lawgiver on average humans, it is obvious that it lacks the
power to take apart wolverine, instead, it seems as if it would be mere of a mosquito bite for
the clawed mutant, EVER with the use of high implosive or hotshot, it seems unlikely it can deal
enaugh damage to hinder Wolverine.
and, not EVER going to bother typing how a close quarters battle would go between these
Result: Wolverine.
Views: 3868 Submitted: 08/30/2013