mr. Freud. . Hello, I' m Sigmund . Many use as we of the foundit muss ofem: hologo with break: virtually TM’ through ideas sum as psychoanalysis. theories We be
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mr. Freud

Hello, I' m Sigmund . Many
use as we of the foundit
muss ofem: hologo with break: virtually TM’
through ideas sum as psychoanalysis. theories We been discredited.
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Submitted: 08/29/2013
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#10 - flamingtent (08/29/2013) [+] (25 replies)
Just to clarify some things.

Sigmund Freud is not the father of psychology. That honor goes to Wilhelm Wundt who performed psychology's first experiment back in 1879.

Sigmund is the founding father of psychoanalysis which is a branch of psychology.
User avatar #17 - rockmanfan (08/29/2013) [+] (22 replies)
i dont get it. i took psychology, but is this like a freudian thing?
User avatar #18 to #17 - OldSnake ONLINE (08/29/2013) [-]
"Even the Oedipus Complex?"

"Those ************* !"

It's just a pun.
#34 - crazyolitis (08/30/2013) [-]
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#31 - alexjonez (08/30/2013) [+] (4 replies)
**alexjonez rolls 12**
#66 - JudasLitl (08/30/2013) [-]
my mother never quite got the irony in calling me a son-of-a-bitch
#45 - buttholee ONLINE (08/30/2013) [+] (1 reply)
I guess you could say
He nothing but a Sigmund Fraud
#58 - urbemarmis (08/30/2013) [+] (2 replies)
oh and i wikipediad him and one of the sections is literally titled "cocaine" and when i read it, it said that he used cocaine and believed it was the cure to many mental illnesses
#54 - anonymous (08/30/2013) [+] (2 replies)
For clarification, the Oedipus complex is a condition of the human mind said by Freud that made a girl attracted to her father and a boy attracted to his mother i.e. a ************ , which is the pun intended here.
The more you know.
User avatar #77 to #54 - Nihatclodra (08/30/2013) [-]
Oepidus Complex is a Boy attracted to his Mother
Electra Complex is a Girl attracted to her Father.
User avatar #9 - lolfire (08/29/2013) [-]
Yet his work on the unconscious mind basically wrote the book.,

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#2 - jbkubel (08/29/2013) [+] (10 replies)
Well, although many of his theories has been proven wrong, he is still the father of psychologi. He was the man who got psychology accepted as a class in gymnasiums and universities around the world. He made people aknowledge the importance of psychologi.
#93 - iamphoenix (08/30/2013) [-]
Everything's sexual abuse in Freud world.
User avatar #89 - tightastic (08/30/2013) [-]
I had this exact conversation today in writing 2211...Weird.
User avatar #83 - lordscooby (08/30/2013) [+] (3 replies)
i tried to major in psychology... smoked weed instead
User avatar #82 - luthervonappledorf (08/30/2013) [-]
I've always held the belief that in school people found out he wanted to **** his mother and kill his dad so he spent his entire life trying to prove that everyone else did too so one day he could go back to his school friends and say, "See! See! I told you it was normal!"
#78 - brotunno has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #72 - elcreepo (08/30/2013) [-]
Freud's theories are quite startling and make at least a small amount of sense to me, but I can understand vehement denial that they might be true followed by people working harder than ever to come up with something, anything that might make it a false theory.
User avatar #51 - Katzie (08/30/2013) [-]
I've been learning about Freud in a film class, since there are various horror films based on his concepts.
#50 - anonymous (08/30/2013) [-]
I've never heard of the Oedipus complex...but I still read the story of Oedipus. So still funny.
User avatar #35 - richardastley (08/30/2013) [-]
Freud changed our language more than he asked questions for the field of psychology.
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