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6/ 7/ 201212: 34: 41 PM
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KOHLER Fairfax Plug
Button - Brushed Nickel
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plug button
Optional plug button for Fairfax lavatory faucets
Brushed Nickel finish
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00000 It dropped in price, but was worth it for what I paid for it.
Pros: Last year, I was looking for a plug button for a Kohler unit I purchased in 2010 for my dog companion,
I could not Md one anywhere, including my local retailers. Even they could not Md one for me through online means.
This is when I stumbled upon Newegg, combining a quick Google search with a bit of desperation, I found this reasonably
priced button, the one button to make Butterscotch happy once again.
At Flest I thought paying almost , 000 for a button was blasphemous, absurd if you will.
However, I was then reminded by my philanthropist (I call her Lady Bono) that this is the Fairfax' model, not
just any button.
I then proceeded to use my life savings to acquire a loan to make this purchase. Days went by and my anticipation grew.
Needless to say, the button was delivered and blew me away. Never had I seen Butterscotch so happy, it was almost as if
he were alive again, licking my face.
Cons: -Shipping was pretty high at the time (3. 99)
Not the 'Greenwich' model my aunt has
Other Thoughts: -I miss you, Butterscotch.
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Submitted: 08/26/2013
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