Hiding from Chief. Fell asleep while avoiding my boss... There is no hiding from me.
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#7 - JariWeis (08/26/2013) [-]
There is no hiding from me.
#17 - pompladouche (08/26/2013) [-]
I miss the PRC floors in O-country
#5 - miserymel (08/26/2013) [-]
we just annoy our chiefs and petty officers... mostly by tinfoiling offices
#1 - striderxir (08/25/2013) [-]
User avatar #31 to #1 - Digitalphear (08/26/2013) [-]
Soldier = Army. That's Navy, so he's a sailor.

Also Marine = Marine and Air Force = Airman.

Source: I'm in the Air Force.
#43 to #31 - Horsebait ONLINE (09/04/2013) [-]
we have airmen . and contrusctionmen and corpsmen and firemen and...
#40 to #31 - striderxir (08/26/2013) [-]
oh, sorry

#34 to #2 - Elemental (08/26/2013) [-]
Here use this one.
Here use this one.
#11 to #2 - gmgunnerz (08/26/2013) [-]
^^this needs more thumbs....also...."sailor.zip"
User avatar #18 - grimidim (08/26/2013) [-]
Nicely done but the best place I've ever seen someone hiding was in the bilge of my sub
#10 - gmgunnerz (08/26/2013) [-]
Pro tip: wear your cover too.
-hides more of your face
-helps you sleep better by covering your eyes from the outside light
User avatar #22 to #10 - tannerninja (08/26/2013) [-]
cover indoors though...could be just as much trouble as sleeping...well maybe not as much
#23 to #22 - gmgunnerz (08/26/2013) [-]
but if ur gonna sleep on the job, do u really care about covers indoors at that point?
User avatar #24 to #23 - tannerninja (08/26/2013) [-]
Very true, I always just made sure to have some sort of work set up at my desk so I could wake up and keep pretending to do that
#25 to #24 - gmgunnerz (08/26/2013) [-]
-blue routing folders
--keep them around our desk and look through them like you're verifying something and hope no one asks wats in them.

-also, carry a blue routing folder around with you and you can do watever and go wherever you want and everyone will think you are busy
User avatar #27 to #25 - tannerninja (08/26/2013) [-]
As i heard a thousand times in training, "Move with a purpose!" But great idea!
User avatar #3 - commiechameleon (08/25/2013) [-]
The Navy sure likes its blue. But in seriousness the NWUs look rad.
#4 to #3 - Horsebait ONLINE (08/25/2013) [-]
Till you fall in the water.
User avatar #8 to #4 - motherbuckingderpy (08/26/2013) [-]
jokes on you ******* , the dye in nwu turns salt water orange, you literally cannot miss them at that point
#9 to #8 - gmgunnerz (08/26/2013) [-]
jokes on you ******* , there is no dye in the NWUs otherwise it would turn orange every time you wash them...........
User avatar #12 to #9 - motherbuckingderpy (08/26/2013) [-]
Can you not read ****** ? Notice the presence of the word salt! You don't wash NWUs in salt water you use freshwater. And no dye? if there was no dye the fabric wouldn't be blue, it would be the color of the base fabric it's made from. In conclusion, you cant read, you have no concept of how colored fabric is made, and you are indeed a faggot.
#13 to #12 - gmgunnerz (08/26/2013) [-]
im assuming you are not in the Navy and also have no idea what the term "dye" means when you say "a dye that turns orange in salt water"

because we tested this by dipping our covers into your precious "salt-water" while on the pier next to the ship. it in fact does not turn orange
User avatar #14 to #13 - motherbuckingderpy (08/26/2013) [-]
wouldn't know because i haven't been issued nwus, I'm going off what my unit was told.
We still use dungarees just fine. Don't bitch at me because i was told something by a commanding officer, my captain told me that was hoe they worked and assumed he knew what he was saying.
#16 to #14 - gmgunnerz (08/26/2013) [-]
also, im just going to assume you are not actually in the Navy and are lying
#15 to #14 - gmgunnerz (08/26/2013) [-]
how have you NOT been issued NWUs? they replaced the utilities uniform "dungarees". and dungarees are no longer authorized for wear, in any command. what unit are you talking about?
#30 to #15 - yaconat (08/26/2013) [-]
As a sailor I can tell you guys that the NWU's do not have dye that turns orange in water, salt or no salt.
And also Dungarees have not been authorized by a command since 2008. That is when the Navy replaced them with the Navy Working Uniform.
#39 to #30 - RomanSquirrel (08/26/2013) [-]
yeah, the water doesn't turn orange. Im an aviation rescue swimmer, and they don't do **** when you fall in. It is a joke created to fool the new kids from boot.
#41 to #39 - gmgunnerz (08/27/2013) [-]
#28 to #12 - anon (08/26/2013) [-]
I guess you never sweat when you work, cause your sweat stains in shirts have salt and water, so sweat into your uniform and boom you turn orange.

you are some special kind of stupid
User avatar #6 - cutiepyro (08/26/2013) [-]
"captain keys..."
User avatar #19 to #6 - makonendrak (08/26/2013) [-]
It's KEYES, you uneducated **** .
#20 - crosskill (08/26/2013) [-]
Compressed soldier.
#21 to #20 - tannerninja (08/26/2013) [-]
**tannerninja rolled a random image posted in comment #3357660 at Friendly ** *compressed sailor
#33 - iftheshoefits (08/26/2013) [-]
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User avatar #32 - Digitalphear (08/26/2013) [-]
Is the Navy switching over from NWU's to Multicam too? Cause I know us in the Air Force are switching to them in like 2015 since our ABU'S literally don't camouflage us from **** .
User avatar #35 to #32 - heartlessrobot (08/26/2013) [-]
Well, I think we're at a stage in warfare where for a lot of troops and service members, camo is just decoration. Not for all troops I know, but a lot never reach the front lines. Especially navy and airforce, where they use artillery and air vehicles.
User avatar #36 to #35 - RomanSquirrel (08/26/2013) [-]
Navy does go to the front lines. They are called IA orders, or Individual Augmentee. Pretty much you go on a deployment for 6 months to an army or marine corps base and assist. Whatever the orders may be, my Petty Officer was a humvee gunner for a convoy. I would like to snag those orders.
User avatar #37 to #36 - heartlessrobot (08/26/2013) [-]
Ah, I guess the navy doesn't do a lot of at sea battle when we're fighting people who barely have electricity in some parts.
User avatar #38 to #37 - Digitalphear (08/26/2013) [-]
Depends on what job you have in the Air Force. I know all spec ops get deployed and Security Forces, which is what I am.
#42 to #32 - Horsebait ONLINE (09/04/2013) [-]
We are switching from NWU type 1 (blue digis) to type 3 (our own green digis) in like 2016 and 2 years later we are probably switching to the multi cam like you said. Im not sure what Mr navy is thinking right now.
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