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#15 - anon (08/24/2013) [-]
To all the people coming here to say "don't speed and you won't get caught", that's not what this is about. If he just looked like a cop sitting there no one would be speeding because there's a cop right there, same concept as having security or mall cops, they're to prevent people from committing crimes. This type of thing isn't done to prevent crime, it's done to catch speeders and get their money.

And if you think a speed trap is somehow legitimized by "legally you're not allowed to speed anywhere," you probably don't know what a speed trap is. It isn't a cop sitting somewhere to catch speeders, it's a place where speed limits have been set to speeds much lower than what is usually considered normal for roads with similar conditions, e.g., a four lane open highway with a 40 mph speed limit. Those aren't their to protect anyone, they're there as a backup to fill ticket quotas. That isn't serving and protecting, that's manipulating your authority.
User avatar #231 to #15 - lolollo (08/25/2013) [-]
While it's true that too many stations are making it where you can't NOT speed, part of the problem is that people will see a cop, slow down, and then accelerate the second the cop is out of view. It's so they can cat h the people who are only speeding because they think they can get away with it. If you give the illusion that the car you just sped past can be a normal car, or a cop, suddenly it's less enticing to take that chance and go faster than would be safe for that roadway. It's all psychology. People know that cops can be both the painfully obvious, black and white, red and blue lighted sedan, OR the completely average looking hatchback, so they have to really gamble on when they can speed.

Roadways fluctuating their speed signs is one thing, but the content is purely about how cop cars are becoming more and more invisible to both catch people who are speeding because they think they can get away with it, and ut the thought in everyone's head that just because there's no "cop car" in sight, that there can still be an undercover cop car driving right next to them.
#187 to #15 - anon (08/24/2013) [-]
most people after slowing down for a cop speed up again anyways
#150 to #15 - hipsterbs (08/24/2013) [-]
How about you look at the signs and go according to that speed, and not bitch about how the cops are douches and only want money.
#143 to #15 - anisbanana (08/24/2013) [-]
But unfortunately after you pass the marked cop car you speed up again...

>your face when
User avatar #140 to #15 - nigalthornberry (08/24/2013) [-]
You know that they need money to fund programs to catch criminals and this is a way to get that money
either way you shouldn't be speeding anyway
lets say you're going 60 in a 20 and theres someone crossing the street theres a good chance your not gonna have enough time to stop safely
#99 to #15 - anon (08/24/2013) [-]
are you implying there is such thing as a ticket quota?
User avatar #117 to #99 - vgmddg ONLINE (08/24/2013) [-]
Yes. There are a very large number of towns with ticket quotas because they need to make more money. There was a featured video on YouTube a couple weeks ago about an officer who lost his job over his police station starting to use quotas.
#95 to #15 - anon (08/24/2013) [-]
This is true in about 1% of total speeding cases; no where near all of them.
User avatar #61 to #15 - incontinence (08/24/2013) [-]
I agree wholeheartedly about the speed traps, but having hidden speed cameras/police cars, means that people can't think 'oh there aren't any cops around i can speed' it makes people constantly vigilant about their speed. Or at least that would be the morally correct way to look at it.
#60 to #15 - notafunnyguy (08/24/2013) [-]
theres no such thing as speeding ticket "quotas" . the more severe of a crime an officer took part in stopping, the better it looks on his record. even HE doesnt get good recognition for pulling you over when you're going 4 over the limit. but if you're going 10-30+ over, you better believe he will stop you. and rightfully so. also, the kind of cars in OP's pic dont exist to "trick" people into getting tickets by the "manipulating greedy policemen" . they exist so drivers see them, realise they are out there, and therefore are less likely to commit crime because they know theres a police presence whether they can actively see a marked car or not. unmarked cars are out there and always have been out there for that reason, the one in OP's pic just goes from unmarked to marked when its lights go on. that's pretty sick, dont act like cops are out to trick you and ruin your life.
#83 to #60 - jabzilla (08/24/2013) [-]
actually as much as I hate to say it, there are "quotas". if a police officer does not go out and get enough tickets to please his superiors then he will find himself being more of a desk officer at the jail than a patrol officer. the typical number of tickets a month an officer has to write is about 200 or 300. at least that is the usual number that the people I know write. reality is some towns are really out to milk you of your money in many possible ways...its a shame.

- sincerely, someone who wanted to be a police officer, has done many courses and training, and no longer wants to deal with the politics of being a policeman.
#179 to #83 - infinitesinz (08/24/2013) [-]
I'm in this pre police officer program, they were telling us they don't really have quotas, but if the city needs money for something then they will tighten up and give out more tickets. If the city's doing good, they'll be more lenient, city is San Antonio, Texas by the way.
#219 to #179 - jabzilla (08/24/2013) [-]
nice I am in Hurst Texas lol yeah we do the same thing up here.
User avatar #57 to #15 - admiralen ONLINE (08/24/2013) [-]
you see son, a "speed trap" isnt really there for the reasons you think, its there so that the retards who cant follow basic signs get punished and atleast for a while will follow said basic signs
User avatar #180 to #57 - kevlar (08/24/2013) [-]
the nearby interstate has a speed limit of 70 MPH. there is a 1/4 mile stretch that is 40 MPH. my pickup doesnt slow down from 70 to 40 in a 1/4 mile without endangering everyone behind me, and i have seen multiple people get pulled over there for speeding, even 18 wheelers going 60(truck speed). its not there for retards to follow rules, its there because michigan is **** poor
#156 to #57 - anon (08/24/2013) [-]
Oh it is, is it? I'm sure that's why so many more people get pulled over toward the end of the month. It's not to make sure they have enough money, it's to enforce justice. That's a bit naive.
User avatar #228 to #156 - admiralen ONLINE (08/24/2013) [-]
you see son, your only defence is that theyre assholes, not the fact that youre breaking the rules and deserve everything coming to you, especially such simple rules
#116 to #57 - ryderjamesbudde **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
#55 to #15 - anon (08/24/2013) [-]
Actually they are still right, it's not like it's okay to be speeding because there is no police officer in sight. speed limit is a speed limit, with or without a cop near you
User avatar #58 to #55 - LePedobear (08/24/2013) [-]
I think it's ok to speed when its a massive highway and they set the limit to 30mph on purpose to catch people. its stupid. not all law is just. theres a lotta stupid **** out there
User avatar #51 to #15 - skyblueshinx (08/24/2013) [-]
My parents were once fined for speedng by a spped trap in the middle of the Austrailian outback. No cars and a straight road for miles but sure enough, from out of a bush

'Stop there mate, you're speedin'
User avatar #24 to #15 - crazyhindu (08/24/2013) [-]
He's completely right, there is a street near my house that goes from 45 to 30 so fast you don't even realize it have literally no time to slow down.
User avatar #32 to #24 - Crusader (08/24/2013) [-]
Actually you do, you have 100 yards/meters to slow down to the legal speed after the limit has changed, if the police write you a ticket you can contest it
Not to mention ticket quotas are a myth, they don't have quotas
User avatar #76 to #32 - nrwlz ONLINE (08/24/2013) [-]

They do, but they're not as common as the anon implies.
User avatar #30 to #24 - sepheroth (08/24/2013) [-]
I know a road that goes from 45 to 25 like that
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