For the ben affleck haters. Hey anybody here love fitness, atheisism and rebelling for no good reason. like my page Red says: July stop making snap
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For the ben affleck haters

For the ben affleck haters. Hey anybody here love fitness, atheisism and rebelling for no good reason. like my page Red says: July

Hey anybody here love fitness, atheisism and rebelling for no good reason. like my page

Red says:
July 21. 2006 at 9: 43 pm
I won' t be able to watch it. I' ll keep expecting him to have sex with Batman. !!!
The whole movie demands on this casting. They' d better do it well. And Heath Ledger has the charisma of
a lettuce leaf.
rel 21 03136 PM
Yeah great. Mountain.
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LIZ I 9141 PM
Dave Robert Ferrero
I' m sorry, Heath? let' s reminisce on the days om Knight' s Tale and Ten Things I Hate About You. , t Roberta's
Heath? The Joker? Bad casting. Bad joke.
August 3, was at an pm F / W J Heath movie
probably the worst casting of all time V‘ "r,. As reported by the BBC
good job guys, shoulda cast Crispin Glover as he was, you know, born to play the part
Can' t see him pulling it off myself '
Shitoh Not Isn' t kiln?!’ t I to ttn bog. .
flag, pm s P er trum an es“ go as SCOW f Iwas hoping for Johnny Depp to get the role.
Oh no tgi) ' it' s wrong on every level at
In ks
lii' a' pass
Ten Ton Allen on 12: 28 AM
Youve gone be kidding...
the moviegoers who on 03: 23 AM
g this is totally bull. I do not mail like this choice... what the hell happened to Williams or Penn? be
okay, but he is we Mord to play it Penn would be incredible, as will Williams, Both are complete pros at combining
comedy with drama
South_ on 05: 55 AM
Heath Ledger? Really? I mean, really now? Pt) by pi) h
l on 05: 52 PM
And now begins the second downfall of the Batman series. -. the him after this will probably introduce Robin... titan
Begin! when the only positive things people have to say about Ledger is he was a good gay cowboy. than tthink
that should explain it all, I hope this is all a joke. ', ttritt'"
posted by
Yeah Fuck Heath Ledger. Johnny Deep would be a good token
But WI could see Johnny Deep be anytype of comic diameter It
would have to be Gambit
posted s - no
on 10: 54 AM
lam sorry but alter Jack nobody can play the joker live up to any expectation. Using the Joker is a bad idea to
begin with. won are going to do the Joker use Chris Walken.
Blavatsky o "
Senior Member
I am NOT seeing this movie if he is m it.
Join Date: Jul 2005
Location: Nye; There are over a million better choices, they could have picked
posts; 1320 someone off the street at random and made a better choice.
Points: 8, 373 I understand why they wouldn' t have nicholson again the stole the show
Achievements: last time, but IMO the joker does that in every appearance he makes in
3 a the comics), I think the really appropriate choice would Be mark hamill.
was-" zoos 12; . -n The voice of the Joker is by far his best role and the one he was born to e Herero
The cartoon Joker (in batman and Justice league) are far far more
accurate (even if they are a bit less homicidal than they should be) than
the movies have been.
Roberta's Ledger Just doesn' t have what it takes.
min number
Heath Ledger? well, i trust Nolan but I cant possibly fathom Ledger as the Joker.
I' never understood why Ledger is considered a good actor or why women think he' s attractive.
auntie rocket
It""'" Heath Ledger is an embarrassment too all Australians.
Sheet Apr 2006 the guy couldn' t act his way out of a paper bag.
What the f' are they thinking... Heath Ledger as the Joker.. that' s got to be one
of the worst choices ever... especially over Bethany.
Ly By Anonymous, on 10: 26 PM
God... Talk about REALLY BAD casting...
The Joker is deformed and histrionic. Have you ever seen anything remotely like
that in a Heath Ledger performance? They' dumped Paul Bethany. Crispin Glover
even Vincent Cassel, for Pete' s sake - to get some pretty boy AS THE JOKEAPP
By Anonymous. on 2: 10 AM
Nobody cares about this man.
By Anonymous. on 12: 59 PM
Please... No. The Joker is a character that needs an actor with gravity. Not some
little warp who got lucky.
By Anonymous. on 4: 48 PM
Tmobile I Sun 08106106 2: 45 All
Honestly. this is the biggest load of bollocks i' heard in a long time. Heath Ledger is not Joker
material, simply put he does not have the mentality of it. All of these comic book movies really
dent follow how they should be portrayed. Batman is DARK. people die and a lot ofthe
killing is done by the joker. The Joker doesnt see anything wrong with killing someone in a
practical joke, laughing the entire time joking nothings that should never be brought up. All that
comes to mind is straight laced who cant admit it There are better choices in my own Robert Ferraro
opinion. but what do I know. its only been my life enjoying these comics? Roberta's
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