The rules. Just post it for reasons. on er mes errie Internet Internet een be structured f' clinicians Jenner sexiness rules, the interner rs Innis people wethe Rules internet
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The rules

The rules. Just post it for reasons. on er mes errie Internet Internet een be structured f' clinicians Jenner sexiness rules, the interner rs Innis people wethe

Just post it for reasons

on er mes errie
Internet een be structured f' clinicians Jenner
sexiness rules, the interner rs Innis people
wethepeople bethe peoplethat
r we can' tthe the Samara mm er e
a combo breakerr em we combobreaker
the new is
the -? canb_ teror
combo breuer? combo breaker combo?
breaker/ combobreaker/ so us now er never!
4 vb rs um your Mend we
A Normar negative rules
4 Rule o must be Followed er you ere
breaking rule I
4 Everyhere above I must be Followed
4 Neverquit
4 Rule o does um
o There ere no rules afterr
2 vb
2 13337 [
semi! your are EVER
3 We aarononymous
3 vav 59265358979323846
4 Anonymous rs legion
s Anonymous does um Forgive, Anonymous
does um Forget
a Anonymous een , senseless,
wearing monster
7 Anonymous rs still
a There ere no real rules about Funny
9 There ere no real rules about moderation
IO irvee mum env rival sues -UONE
ll Allioux arguments een
l? / tan indwell be used
tan hemmed rare
something else -famed
vs The murderyou (mine murderyou will
irvee lad In , mm/ Just
become Failure
Everythingblue een be labeled, een be
The more you hate it, the stronger" gets
seconds before gummy old
weer es
means that
23 Copypasta rs everylast bit irvee 'r
24 Every repost rs always e repost er e
25 ' err
with everysingle post
27 Always Question e person' s sexual
preferences without env real reason
28 Always Question e person' s
29 Onthe interner, all girls ere men, and all
kids ere agents
30 There ere en the interner
TITS er are -the choice In/ Burs
32 we must have prove your
33 Lurk mew
34 There rs porn er In no
35 Una porn rs Found orer, “will be made
There will always be more reeked up shit
Just sew
37 we Jenner divide bolero (reg because
the sol
um even the sky
39 came CONTROL PM
r and
Mariachi! does um have , become
en hero
as Anonymous rs nat your personal army
The cake malls
Anonymous doesnot "buy", he
meme Ever we
post ends with we
Ever we
TO Donor/ /
TI The interner rs SERIOUS FUCKING
72 Chuck Norris rs your Father we
73 tthere isn' t adder weer
74 irvee post it, cum
Twinkle; arethe answerers lire' s
77 The interner stupid
m Ebaums did
av Anonymous default
en the Internet
84 , including thisone
Subtitles ere Forbidden
as 'ruless, 2, 34,
41 It' sourse rule 84
than Chuck
42 Nothing rs Sacred
43 The more beautiful and pure ething rs.
the more satifying min corrupt
44 Even ene vulture comment about
een likeyou
45 When ene sees e lion, ene must get rare
There rs Furry porn er
47 The pool rs always closed dieto was
and stingrays, which also have may
48 Acat rs we too
49 one at
rs een
rs een we must hurt
irvee have Inmate make up new rules,
you have no we
m um bring backtracks
we will newonee sex
m needs more Desu we
Fuck Gaston
w needs more pumpkin we
nus cake we must eat
Thetech" sage"
87 irvee Say Candlejack, you w
88 Anonymous rules theinternet we
89 Mitchell Henderson was en nevere es en
There rs / Dam erit,
92 Chuck Norris rs the rule's
95 Anonymous did NOT, underage
circumstances, aee bar!)
irvee express astonishment " someone' s
claim, rs mast
97 The government, The CIA, Everything rs e
99 All numbers ere " least I but always
00 Faggotry willnot decelerated
vev Youwere/
vea we ere made MINI enemas
vea That' s um mud
av Chuck wear rs the ', 104 The interner rs reapers
no er else
22 Copypasta rs Everything has been cracked and pirated
There ere er en male
vea "That' swhat she said" jokes ere stupid
vea rs False
I IO weer sacrement rs preceded by" HAY
GUYT", then youve doing something wrong
lla irvee Jenner understand In rs machine
ll? you get
lla Gamestop %
lla Secure tripcodes ere Forger's
vvs nerae , denyin
vva Combobreakers ere inevitable verne
embers completed successfully, rs gay
I Always go out er make
newbies Feel uncomfortable
lla we
I like caturday, Chuck
Norris, and Desu reek withthe mes
vav E enemy brononymous
must be stopped
There rs NO God here (Except Chuck
rs surprised, bricks
must be shat
vas irvee have no shit, you ere
made MINI and was
vaa award we
we aloud
vaa Everything you know rs e lie, but all
those lies ere nothing So
transitive properlly een conclude that
everything = nothing and rriee add en
xv interne elation we een single
anything out andthen rare e Herrera empeor
drnothing explained bath's graph e =
everything n nothing
een see, " e Herrera Dam: er
everything, Sain
conclusion, v have no rm talking
be dismantled
130 Internet
Whateveryt rs, we rs involved In some
ream we
fit can' t be killed, doesnt
Except Chuck Norris) we other
irvee met your
we ere dating e ene armed lady
hooker named Steve (
involved, then his neme Islam!
134 , you must shut up
135 Myspace rs Thethirteenyearold girls and
peoplewho newe description mere: I 33
137 ls the answer
vae esplainin
vav Corroding rs rererere
142 Just ronery him he ' re wk
143 irvee ronery her, she will bitch
peopre can' t understand areas!“
vas irvee
vaa Stop
Regardless, rriee get pissed en
rs has muted
laugh " you
we don' t get env cookies we
So don' t even ask
Branden rs God' s sen, making
Chuck Norris has no sen
I " we ere um gunman get e handicap so
vsv westerner
3 (Phone so don' t even get
your hopes up
vsa They didnt calliou rererere butthen
vsa ' people' s grammar
no good rs we
I 54 The Murderyou screem " peopleare
elsewise laugh
I They don' t have hacks, you Just suck
I m want re know who anonymous rs
vsa we
I m was In en episode eastern Park we
vsa The more you deny more
theyare ere
we Googlepot
vav The (ovate In the library's
always looking " what you ere / my
vaa The girl neverever In the library
vaa There' s e know whatafuck
new Before r mcchris brawn en veer
rhun_ suu? _ _ imitate
vas rs Dont go
vaa Chuck
withthe last neme er
Shadowsasuke ere Fun re In the
dark ere more than 3
unwritten rules we
we interner repress
destroys I o others
vaa We earth,
vaa vrr have 3 cakes and you have ene cake,
you have no cake and v have 3 psa' s
vaa The allowed
In nevere (english subtitles ere acceptable)
vas The Internet and Cellars quite similar
they invented rer men re get away
From woman, interner has porn
vaa This rs This rs Madness
vaa ' Thisisntsparta
vaa veneno Bernese rules ere
re Mars
vaa kekeke rs um cool wearies Haverhill
be wean
190 The only good hentai rs‘/ urn, that' s how
the interner works
vav wearer always en
irvee breakables and 2 we will be
irvee wearer be
spanked by Chuck Norris heaven we
irvee breakable 2, Chuck Norris will
irvee Greer. vee '' we
vaa 2 en Rule?! as
vas 3 en vvery: 93
I get depressed
interner need e betterest enorme
vaa Flashlights arethe ' s
and v mew no
198 fit' s um en Canals, doesnt we
vaa irvee ere drunk people I 99 !" must always be errie
thinkyou' re rererere because no ene
een en the interner
vrr have 2 Mis
vae None alas rs es cruel es en alas
vav At env given moment, more birds could
rem, leave, erpern onin another direction
bottom, newfags
eev Maths In rer
wrry» aetv .\
e Chuck News
202 ' ' m CLINICAL) obese
203 irvee run out er cookies, give apples, f
you run out preppies, Give Spam we
204 peopre named Kevin ere queer, peopre
called we D v A C" Are also queer Please
throw rocks errned, Unless Kevin knows what
a x Pr ls NO
aes Americans ere rer ( escept
rer Dave!
aes Any breaking result In pr
being broken we ene knows the
Consequenses we have been warned
aea mes I and 2 ere False From now en, en
be about vb Unless ' t
207 'ruless, ere False (didoes
208 See
209 See
o HIE must not marry we we
wll ychan sucks we
212 we
unless she isn' t
213 case er en emergency, Your
een be Found In thetop right
tarmac! your serien No, and r .
vvs 3,
vva rs gay we
7 Pam must only be looked " when porn
rs needed
3, rs the mam:
218 Canals rs lovecalculator
post rules above 'PROFIT!"
222 All rules above 'PROFIT!" don' t count we
223 The Simpsons South Park
already did better
anyway, then she we
r we
227 7777
299 This rs blasphemy, this rs madness we
aee This rs spans we
9001 '
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