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#73 - zukabazuka
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(08/23/2013) [-]
Its kind of sad that USA seems to be the only country that will just go

"Look, we can't bother improving the police force so we are just going to give you the right to carry guns in the open, that way we don't have to spend that much money on the police force and we hope people respect this rule"

Only way for kids to feel safe is to see the father or mother having a gun on them in the open. USA, more guns isn't going to stop the problem you already have, its going to add more problems to your already big problem.

Anyone even suggesting with trying to defend them self when an army invade your country would actually need to look at the odds. its not going to be 1v1 for you, its going to be 1vs100 and the moment you bring out your gun is the moment you hit the floor.
But you don't think the USA would pick up an invading army across the ocean or by air?
#91 to #73 - drevv
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(08/23/2013) [-]
First off, the United States isn't that only country that has somewhat lenient laws on gun ownership. Switzerland has practically the same stance on weapons and it works for them.

Have you not seen the police force in the United States? They're practically militarized, so much funding goes into national defense and police departments.

I grew up in a family that didn't own a gun, but I always felt safe with my mom and day. I knew that I lived in a safe area with a very good police force, but also my community was filled with law-abiding citizens who owned guns.

Legally obtained guns are not the problem in America and if you think this is true, you're completely ignorant to a country that allows gun-ownership. Guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens have proven to lower crime rates, instead of add onto them as you suggest. Criminals are gonna be deterred from committing crimes if they have to worry that the person they're robbing is armed.

Criminals have ways to get weapons illegally and they do it everyday. You think just because you outlaw guns, the criminals are gonna magically turn in their illegal firearms or are gonna seize from committing crimes with firearms? You'd have to be insane to believe that.

We as citizens can't completely trust our Government to abide by what we say. We need those weapons to protect ourselves from a tyrannical government and that was why it was initially added to the Constitution. We need to protect ourselves from an oppressive regime and we can certainly do that with the current 300+ million guns in the hands of our citizens.

A foreign army or a terrorist regime has the potential of reaching the United States and carrying out an attack. But if I was an enemy of the United States, I would sure as hell be afraid of those millions of citizens with weapons defending their country.
#86 to #73 - ivoryhammer
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(08/23/2013) [-]
It's not an issue of our current people in power, it's the 2nd Amendment, which was written by people that were overthrowing an unjust government, and wanted to make sure the people had the power.