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#18 - hueyfreeman
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(08/22/2013) [-]
mfw still basically in the middle school stage when I'm a senior in high school
#70 to #18 - ubercomfychair
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(08/22/2013) [-]
alright hojo i just finished high school and i went through that stage but busted out of it so im going to give you some advice. i had a girl in my sophomore year spanish class who was a solid 7/10. first thought was "damn id hit that" ( i was an immature ****). the second hardest part of my story with this girl was just getting the balls to talk to her. one day i just started talking to her during class and we became friends. so for my first piece of advice to you, talking to a girl no matter how hot/popular isnt a big deal. just dont be creepy and dont try to hard you need to relax. fast foward 2 and a half years and i still had not gotten the balls to ask this girl out. i was afraid of ******* up friendships since we had a lot of the same friends and more importantly losing her as a friend. eventually i decided i had wasted too much time being hung up on the same girl in high school so i decided to throw a hail mary and finally ask her out. she shot me down like a spy plane over the ussr. i didnt even get the pleasure of the friendzone. she spoke to me once after wards to tell me to **** off when we were playing frisbee in gym. what i want you to get from this is you are a senior in high school. next summer you will be leaving for college and none of that will have mattered. in high school the most important thing is to get the balls to talk to a girl and even more importantly have the balls to ask one out. people will tell you the worst a girl can say is "no" and thats bull ****. they can and probably will do far worse but you cant be afraid of what might happen. you are going into your senior year of high school your main goal should be to have fun and if you are lucky you will find a girl with the same interests as you. dont worry about the number of girlfriends you have had in high school. whats more important is getting through high school knowing how to get one.
#77 to #70 - mistafishy
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(08/23/2013) [-]
"the worst a girl can say is "no" and thats bull ****. they can and probably will do far worse but you cant be afraid of what might happen."

Thanks... I think...
#78 to #77 - ubercomfychair
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(08/23/2013) [-]
sorry to say it hojo but its true. gotta go in prepared