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#12 - Nightelfbane
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(08/21/2013) [-]
Spend 400 years creating a Rainbow Bridge Generator, cloning a crew of vikings and then training them to use a flying Dragonship with a lightning-cannon dragonprow. invent the lightsaber, and genetically engineer a Great White Shark that has a turtle shell and squid tentacles.
Then, generate your Rainbow Bridge so that it spans over the Atlantic ocean, and then your Purple and Green lightsabers and start running across it
because you're so fit from lifting for over 100 years you easily make it to the midle of the bridge, and then you encounter the vikings in their flying Dragon ship
a bunch of them leap off the ship and onto the bridge and come running at you
since they only have primitive iron weapons you kill them with your lightsabers easily
however, one of the lightning bolts from the prow strikes your rainbow generator and dumps you all in to the Atlantic
then you're eaten by the sharks you genetically engineered
wallpappy unrelated but incredibly sexy.