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I am a short story writer, but also a very busy student who is double majoring because English degrees can't get me **** . I have a story idea and I'm giving you permission to work with it as long as you PM me finished result:

An old couple moves to Florida after they retire. That part is cliche. However, the husband lived there in his youth and that is why he had the opportunity to move back so easily. He knows they have gator issues and has frequently tussled with them as a younger man. Now, in his old age, he relaxes with the gators and doesn't bother them when they enter his garden but he does fear them. Along side of this, his wife of 50 years has alzheimers and her health is in decline. The "clock" of her health combine with the gators to make a fearful scenario in his own home (ticktock croc) where all he wants to do is retreat to his youth and remain young forever with his wife (Peter Pan similarities completely intended). Oh, yeah, during their marriage he had constantly been about work and providing for his family ("growing up and getting serious") until retirement, making this old man simultaneously Hook and Peter Pan. That's some deep symbolism I gave you right there.

Who wants to run with this? Reply if anyone is interested or if you think its just a cool idea and maybe want me to write it in the very distant future.
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probably already done
probably already done
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This....doesn't sound like a interesting story at all. Sorry.
To be more exact, this sounds like something only other writers could appreciate. Nothing for casual readers.
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this is very important to me
better carry on before he starts rubbing off his fhaeggotry on me
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Didn't come here to work mate.
Didn't come here to work mate.
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Sorry dude. No go.
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Im guessing this was him?
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basically you want other people to do the hard work? **** off
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