I hate it when (pt.1). Don't you just hate that?<br /> Part 2:<br /> /funny_pictures/477456/I+hate+it+when+pt+2/. I hate it when I... Wake up with m i Hate it when morning wake up
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I hate it when (pt.1)

I hate it when I...
Wake up with my hand in warm water...( and having
warm pants).
Wake up and I don' t feel like P. Diddy.
Walk into the bathroom and find a tiger in it.
Take a shower, only to find out that my towel was
replaced by Chuck Norris' s Sandpaper towel.
Look in the closet for clothing and I find Narnia
Eat breakfast and the Koolkiid guy bursts through
the wall.
Make hot pockets with magma coated outsides and
icy insides.
Walk out the door and a monkey kicks me in the
Continue walking and someone throws a
refrigerator on me.
Call for the taxi to drive me to school, and it' s the
Cash Cab that makes me late.
Don' t you just hate that'?
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hate it when ' a boner and it the front '
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