The Official FunnyJunk Minecraft Server. IP: Tutorial made by Pehnut! Come join today!. The Official Funny Address: peanut. funnyjunk. com  minecraft funnyj
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The Official FunnyJunk Minecraft Server

The Official FunnyJunk Minecraft Server. IP: Tutorial made by Pehnut! Come join today!. The Official Funny Address: peanut. funnyjunk. com


Tutorial made by Pehnut! Come join today!

The Official Funny
Address: peanut. funnyjunk. com
Getting Started!
When you firstborn the server, you will be greeted by the spawn!
This was built by users', , , Dissapear, and me, peanut!
You may look to your right and left to see the basic rules and info about the
Once you have done that, you may follow the path to get to the
PVP Pit, Admin Shop, Tutorials, and Wild!
Before you can do anything though, you will need to make some money!
On this server, economy plays a very big part in making your way
to the top!
Money is used in the following: Making residences, setting warps,
buying and selling residences, making shops, buying things from shops
and so much more!
To make your first couple thousand dollars, you will want to go to the
PVP Pit! (Down the path at spawn and to the right!)
Diamonds will spawn inside the PVP pit every 30 seconds. That is where
you will want to start. Once you have gathered a respectable amount of
diamonds, take them across the hall to the Admin Shop and sell them
for 1000 dollars a piece!
PVP pit >
Residences (more commonly called "reses") are an ESSENTIAL part
of this server. It will stop people from griefing you, stealing your stuff,
and messing up your dreams.
To make a residence, you will need: money, unclaimed land,
and a wooden axe. Begin by finding the two points ofyour land, you
will need to define X and coords (side to side) as well as Y (vertical)
Take your wooden axe, and left click to make your first point. Then, right
click to place your second. Once you have done so, type
res create and you should have been charged per block
inside of your res!
You may now allow different people to do things by using Ires set/ psat
commands. [hes set sflagg true/ false] will allow anyone on the server
to do the flag. However, [Ires psat sflagg true/ false] will
the defined user to do the flag.
FLAGS: use, destroy, build, container
For different flags, look on the residence plugin wiki.
Defining tutorial
Once you are somewhat set up on the server, you might want to
start a shop to make some extra money! To make a shop, you will
need: a sign, a chest, redstone, the items you want to sell!
First, place your chest, and the EXACT amount of items you want
to sell, not all of them. Say you want to sell 1 diamond for 1000, put 1
diamond in the chest, not all of them. Once the item is in the chest, place
your sign, and follow this template:
Do not actually put [Buy/ Sell]. use one or the other. if you put [Sell].
other users will give you the item, and take your money. if you put [Buy].
it will be the opposite.)
Once you have done that, you must take your redstone, and punch the
chest, then the sign. Either the "Buy" or "Sell" words should turn blue.
Once i s done, punch the sign to double check you did it correctly!
A warp is a simple way to get back to places you have been before. To
set a warp, get to the place you want to go back to, then type
don' t use brackets.) It will take 10 seconds to
set it, and will take . Once it is set, you can warp back there at any
time by typing [bwarp ]!
This tut is very simple, to learn more, visit the server and type /warp tut!
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