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Chapter 4 The Society

lwn not be posting another chapter today inst so I can stick to the schedule lwn be posting chapter 5 into two separate parts though As it Imus out it is longer than chapter 3 Enjoy
Chapter A
The Society
Miles away from the Pentagon was a man cowering beneath another.
You failed to kill the boy, was it that hard to kill an unarmed child?" said a shrill voice. The owner of this voice had scars raked across his face. s eyes were blood red that had a sinister
rm sorry sir, I made a mistake," the cowering man whimpered.
l know you made a mistake and you will pay for it," the scared man sed.
But sir, can' t you make him join us?" the cowering man asked hopefully
we killed his parents all he will want is revenge."
Then can' t you steal his ab ?"
it will be woven impossible to get close enough to to do so because Gates will be keeping him safe and I am unable to get into the Academy."
But wont he come to us sir?"
Eventually but he will have an army."
How do you know?"
ll the boy is smart he will have an army, it' s his only hopes begetting anywhere near me."
But you are unbeatable s i you can take whatever ah my you want."
I can' t take
why" the cowering man asked confused
You think you are worthy of knowing my secrets after you havev d me your nothing but trash," snarled the other.
No sir, I meant no harm."
l think ies funny that you think you can convince me not to punish you."
Nosiest ink no such things."
Ly g won' tget you anywhere."
Forgive me sir pplease"
Why? Why should I forgive an incompetent waist of ab 7 What have you done that could help me. I ordered you to kill the Legions and you failed at it, now the holder of the last key
exist do you know what that means?"
No s
it means the end will come."
The end?"
Did you learn anything from the Academies? When all three legendary ab es exist at the sametime it means that I is timewar the shards of the septim Sphere to be rejoined, if that
sphere is back than the wields has infinite power."
Butwho I you find the septim Sphere sir?"
l need all the shards and the whereabouts are unknown, besides that sphere can be destroyed ea y does you will be the reason because you
failed to carry out an order, only one good thing came out of your failure."
What was it s
we are one step closer to fulfilling our goal, but that won' t save you."
Please sir have mercy, please forgive me," the cowering man pleaded.
MERCY?" came the shrill shriek of the scared man, "the only mercy I' ll give you is to not kill you slowly."
ssh pplease," the cowering man begged tears running down his face.
Give me your head."
But sir?"
Now!" the man obediently bowed his head the other placed his palm on it and bright strands of light flowed from the skull to the hand. The man was screaming in pain pleading for
mercy and ally the hand was taken away, "Now that wasn' t so bad was it the only problem now is that you are no longer one of us and you know what I doto the weak powerless scum."
sir please I can still be of use," the now vacant man begged.
No," the standing man said darkly you can' t," then the man was lined into the air and chunks of earth comefrom the ground, "you shouldn' t have failed me, now I know it won' t happen
again," and the earth flew through the man and here" limp and dead. The other laughed a high pitch evil laugh and flames poured out of his hand covering the dead body and he didn' t stop
until there was nothing left but a foreboding scorch mark.
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Hello this is the only thing I have read, I didn't see the others you uploaded. Anyway just wanted to leave feedback that it seems pretty interesting but at the part where it says "the man was screaming in agony". To me that reads a little strangely, I think a more natural thing would read "the man screamed in agony". Just my 2 cents anyway seems like a cool story
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Yeah I can see what you mean, I really don't like this chapter all that much anyways. It is to short but I can't really make it any longer but it is a necessary chapter. I wan't to make it more detailed but not so much that it steers away from the man with the red and silver eyes.