At least they're not exploding. yes i know they removed the lion and leopard to . STORY HIGHLIGHTS Hairy dog displayed as ‘African lion“ in Chinese EDD, state m Cars crashes

At least they're not exploding

yes i know they removed the lion and leopard to ****

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Hairy dog displayed as ‘African
lion“ in Chinese EDD, state media
The cage at a zoo in Louie,
Hanan Province, contained a
Tartan mastiff
Aoo staff said the dog was
placed in the en closure for
security con cans“
The zoo also had adog on
display in a wolf enclosure, and
a fox presented as a leopard
mastiff( not a lion).
The zoo is
absolutely trying
Hong Kong [CNN] - A we in China has angered visitors by trying
to pass off a hairy dog as a lion, Chinese state media reported.
A visitor, surnames Lid, told the statesman Belling Youth Daily she
discovered the fraud when visiting a zoo in a park in Louie, a city in
the central province of Hanan, with her son.
As they approached the cage marked "African lion," they were
shocked to hear the beast inside emit a bark.
It was a Tibetan mastiff - a large, hairy breed of dog-
The we is absolutely trying to cheat us," Lit: said. "They are trying
to disguise dogs as lions."
Other species in the park were similarly
mislabeled, the newspaper reported, with
another dog in the wolf cage, and a white tox
on display in the leopard enclosure.
The head of the park' s animal department,
Liu Buys, mild CNN that the animals had
been substituted tor various reasons, and
would be back in their rightful place soon.
The lion and leopard had both been
removed tor breeding, she said, with the
Tibetan mastiff placed in the lion' s cage temporarily "d to safety
Similarly, the dog had been placed in the wolf enclosure
to cheat us. They
are trying to
disguise dogs as
Liu. visits‘
to breed a hybrid , she sad "We' re not dirflg it
out of shortage of funds," she said
The substitute lion has drawn ridicule on Chinese social
media, with one commenter describing the situation as
absa Id."
this works why would people even bother to go to the
wot" wrote "Children will cry out look a
Paris, the most visited city in
the world, has been suffering
asante of one of
its main targets appears to be
Chinese children.
Tallest building boom before doom?
August a, -- Updated new { Him
lathe Skyscraper Index
if maintains its track record, then
China should steel itself for
economic collapse.
China vs. Japan in island game
August a, - Updated ( Han
A Chinese video game
challenges players to fight
Japanese rivals for disputed
Today' s special: Chinese breast milk
August 5, acne - Updated was Han
Like many mothers, Yan
breastfeeds her child. But
she' s also found a way of
making it pay.
Photos: China reckons with record heat
August 1, 2: 113 - Updated one Han.
People are packing into
swimming pools or taking
refuge in caves to escape
king temperatures
scorching large swaths ofthe
coo ntr_ y.
hotel opens in China
ls it a donut? A horseshoe? A
bow legged cow boy?
Sherman' s latest China
property is anything but
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