Tale of a lost boy- Part 2. Part 1- www.funnyjunk. com/channel/feels/Tale+of+a+lost+boy-part+1/fpktGsc/. Parta st me stem. link in hart l evenly he in the enema tale of a lost b
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Tale of a lost boy- Part 2

Tale of a lost boy- Part 2. Part 1- www.funnyjunk. com/channel/feels/Tale+of+a+lost+boy-part+1/fpktGsc/. Parta st me stem. link in hart l evenly he in the enema

Part 1- www.funnyjunk. com/channel/feels/Tale+of+a+lost+boy-part+1/fpktGsc/

Parta st me stem. link in hart l evenly he in the
enemas I meet re thank that is
readies this. its ms nu threeoh I hens I mill he
enters nets sense st item me nest
unite nsane with his leeking like a nises of shredded laern
them I we
scen' t the inte the metre "" It retards the heel nae
Fee the entire Iasmith nething net stares item denile
sshit that day meet last
onesies in malk net's nem an sin
scen' Small threeoh the deer
Fleet sit Inthe sits st lists nine
sheet dark times
sits the Eagleman
he see his were he eras ts sinks sometimes
slime sens
semen leaning against the mail as Islets issue the rim
smeel m them seem in he in their mil the
sees a It tines mhn leek like they are test a ism were elder than the
sneers' t relise his
salem Into the shielded
steelies I' m anemia norths shit " led eel m his
s" entre man didn' t see aee. les lets simmers leans tense I' m in the sheets t"
mails it Willi eld
F" aee meet" he leeks metriod
smees the nineteen la es
s" H " we did that in well‘ he asks
she raises an
sweet melt man tale ests" nals his In me shielded and tens alter his
meele see something
mantle tell him in else
mantle tell him sheet
shut I nna' t
lest letter
smart enemies he the we sentense alter es heel
shelter en threeoh the deer
steel in talk en
nee sees hi
sens nee he as ls let the name
s" haha that' s a sell name, I' m Lennard"
betterthan I minutes
sleds reining alter his
salsas II nest sash nae and talk min his
she is in high schnel
seen asst I hem estates in e'er systems
sthis tense enter a
Fanime ass lined he hilighted a
seller emits It sleds hurting
seen stein inte the nsnk of hie mind emits It hollands
steel nretam sale in there
Fleet leeking teamate ls misting lennard
saleen natsies we maitarn. it teas a it I remember Merrielle
Fleet annette leans
stern amend
sits the salesman
she leeks kind of Hand
sstill leek] he hens
to his
Feels his hands In the less
she tests the and sets
sleeks were
Fatone the hands
steel hie
sleek his in the sees
smom tell his in net men asked mete
sleek her
steller bailsman threeoh the nem
she sits his deem in the Ins hr teem
serene elite! aid kit
Feels eams metre leiden en hie
WEI hem teen has this neen going onp"
s" attlee" I ensued
s" leakin hell" he sees
s" leek seen ene hassle en ts the nelds s"
sins I new
st seen same slews Ines
sin tell me Barents. salt the miss
shut I sent
he " aeere
send thee are en haematite his
sen' t " matte them
sshaco hie head
Hines thee hairs he riend tn tin this tn ene"
steers are simian threeoh
sllutt melee
sleek I swine that innom m Heisman
s" hee. hee it' s okay" He hens his
sare in his arms
sthis is a tasking strainer
sare let emits
seesh a tenet
I run net
llel " In bailsman
she leeks his in the sees
sets are going to minis seen. in secrete stay em nae?"
s" aee want a tide heme?"
s" nestled his eras hie sine"
stalk mith salesman all the mas heme
shis heme is Harte
stemmen the nem let esata
shes neonate's
skeel nee
smecks as a natsies elins nem
senses mete hie heel deer
smells mete the deer
sine mem ensins the dentin net lanes
Hines mere new aee "
steersmen takes the Meet
s" Halle mts Stanson, lenon we test intrested in starting is take Glass's stem
him. He mes en he till talk] new the ether students I nessa lime hem aise"
slum leeks at Eagleman
steersmen leeks at mem
s" Etm else see what kind m else see? linen has neen interested in "
she smiles
etn at arts esteem. I am an interesant new iterate dein en he the "
smom leeks sneezed
s semin es s" ekke melt I sheela eel neah I. ahegao ene sen sems she day
linen seems mill eel ene started"
schemes hie hand
steel streets. line It need lhgenn
sitll nan at iterate
s‘ insets mild solipsism hers‘
sister I nette hen
FIN the in lewdest
am looking teamate in
thank we attr , I mill got till Hall 3
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