If you give 4chan a vaccum cleaner.... PT 1 PT 2: /channel/ponytime/If+you+give+4chan+a+vaccum+cleaner...+2/xkhtGkx. File 9719997 KB, 1343x900, vaccum ) D Anony If you give 4chan a vaccum cleaner PT 1 2: /channel/ponytime/If+you+give+4chan+a+vaccum+cleaner +2/xkhtGkx File 9719997 KB 1343x900 ) D Anony
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If you give 4chan a vaccum cleaner...

File 9719997 KB, 1343x900, vaccum )
D Anonymous ( Mortify 02 Na 12792933 his _ _ aat_
Rainbow Dash on we come: Mn a vacuum mane:
D Anonymous (( 03 no 12792911
we KB, 500x500, )
we 1375354347737 KB, 243117, my
Hey Anon whaddaya wanna do today? Ithink we should go out so: some wicked n
sun what' s warn
won : cummingthe vacuum amass the carpet
m" Ananon serious! Thoth's isnt eonyl Ehwhat IS that!? Please sound stoper
trap Rainbow In the come: the blaring machine steadily upon redeposition
we: 17717195 are my mended butthe' s :: emmet: o even my away
71015:: Mme vacuum overies : most basic fght rendering and owed up
smile Maine sick bastard you are as she goes silentwulf tear coven's : eyes my prepareing die
then tum away gong who vacuum we rest Mme carpet
brainbow taints In a puddle plss
I: beat hurwitz a later
D No 12794538 Nah _
immeadiately ame:: incidentally Rainbow Dash you nead on ovate Golden Oaks library to Mst Twilight
yon hello Anon! How can I help you todayy
Mano help hyrulean upthe library one incharge
That' d be great Anon! spikes been Mming Ranty' s boutique so much lately that ms been neglecting his cleaning duties Icant even think straightways l being dirty likethis Tr
mes you In and you 6011: 7147 : as beetrots intitle
an to get started on we moo: hst
90007:! Yes weasel Let me go mair-"
hold up a mage:: o stop : and instead whip butthe nozzle : backpack vacuum as ifyou' re doing a budget cosplay ' s Mansion
wan so: that sweet phrase as Twilight stares dumbfounded purple eyes sparkling and man: with
Wow What' s wan:
aon yes
bookish little ungdom as she manages tstump intitle your eyes can digestive intonation and send Ito your brain
almost touches we ceiling
sshe' s so shocked she to cushion new: with mama instead thumping down on herbert
linoon“: COME CLOSER!
unicor' s little nom assploded In purple brilliance and we whips a nook own mom thesheet launch l In sendt% nse
simply wove the vacuum towards and huntail shoots straight out as saem: nines we nook dropping
sshe' s New scareded even think straight : : tailing pupils dilated
litthe vacuum and place l on herbert we secton catching tear
promptly was we moo: pass: outwith an sigh
wave so gong to we dungeons so: this
D Anonymous ( 32 no mam an ».: aus
knew whouldnt be long henna Rainbow Dash woke up nom coma andrew totall you ass
me was Mme essence here
new we library on: we cobblestone street to your next destination
hasty 5511795 Mme cookie candy shop mes 172360723 you and In the blink om an eye you' up the interlaced en: enng through the store' s doors
ready your nozzle even though you dont see Pinkie yet
bitch had a thing you by popp: outworn you least expected l
weep amass the con% moo: looking like Agent 47 on a 7711551071 at a Ghostbusters conver:: on
nerves was on edge
was : tocking gun:
NA small ding comes nom the bellyache counter caus: your body to :: e up and you to smug the nozzle around
justme glass countertop
r" HEYA mom:
Piinkie' s nead sticks our m THE VACUUM MERE and guns maniacally as you tall backwards on your ass In every language you knew
Hee nee: You always say those words when I g: you one o: my supercooper : ense
mm: anon
was gonna get l
was gonna getitan HARD
admonishing 71237607 almost you a heart attack you seymour plan Into 771011071 messy moo:
Chears Melony? Why dyou wanna do that anon? Is only gonna get messy agar: you knorr'
herid' s a swung hazard using happened as an
yon no: Iwould nave! want anybody to get nun necause o: my pretty party paper pieces! Go aready
D Anonymous ( 00 no 12795909 he
Whithout any Other churlishness you black behind you allong l down towards melon!
renewing now unpredictable Pinkie was you werent goingtopuke any chances by
ms Pinkie' s deadbolts and we brings cleaning contractor the Golden Question on thetop other tongue you nand: o: Suction Len: knob
Piinkie looks down at the nozzle stanag at l intently
oaoh oonn: wna: cna outthere anon! s l one human
Piinkie yams darkterror actually standing up on : hindlegs and shielding certanty like a human would
we: pony between : hindlegs
so loud and actually nun your ems a bit
Sstill won was ajob
began to aggresively move towards : wannabe vacuum back and own like a mame: n: owe:
back : up store' s back wall Jars rock handy clinking and wobbling as : back hits them
was : nmad eyes wide and mouth my unlaced : chest and swung rapidly
funny you candlelit
me blow
A “non please No: me? H wont ) you agar: Improvise I dd ddont nun : helplease"
big teaa eyes almost made you stop
we wane KB, , 3432555599 971
pwny contained?
L wove the vacuum towards : face the secton quickly snatching : hair and yanking l towards you
mon cue we : bladder semites itself down legs as we was In term! tail soaked In pink Lemonade
pull the vacuum towards you until sincirely straight and: nen shuttle vacuum om
can Koo and In a pool oqpisi and concer:
Won pop pop
waatching powers drop
make a hasty Sugarcube Comer almost breaking your inthe process
get your / missa om on another pone heme Celestia herself personally came and shut you the fuck down
on inthe pattern destination was nearest to save [me you began Ranty' s boutique s: opp: on : doorstep's catch
your breath so: a momen:
mornning with this bigass appliance on your back was really wind out ofyou you probably shouldnt nave smoked orin gym class so much
d tap x instead om holding l down while :unn: nom now on
up and squealing cum onetime‘ (me you knocked onthe door hoping you didnt look : dispelled so: hardasses
door 517717195 open almost immediately
nobody haithere
litterally the door must nave been opened by a tocking ghost
you was wanna NOPE out you actually took look down spoting a little purple baby dragon glaring back up
What are YOU doing here?
aon no
this little n: gge:
ajust as you was about to his heated queston the sound om Ranty' s ladylike vows: was through the an your thoughts
spun dating when itatchi doo?
What was that dean Anon on Anon-?! Really? Well let him int'
dspike rolls his eyes aside allowing you to en: e:
s n' stay salty
strollin with a : : amnd: pale white fashionista busy with a mass: glittery garment muons pm: baubles and stangs my: around heron a / woodwind inmagical actuay
was beautif
Hello anon deading now may: Rarity be
me: o fuck shit up
D Anonymous ( 05 no 12797713 he » ».: 1
f 21212133
in ', t ms the gears ofyour brain began toppan and chum a very disgruntled Spike stomps back intitle mom immediately taking up a remindin) stance
nea: Ranty' s homes
muhis little faggot wasnt gong to make things easy
agar: neither was Rarity
we: ermine immaculately clean Pure "bless unstained by such common things like dirt and clutter
Must like :
Kooks like you' d nave to make your own mess
began to engage casually leaning against one this 07123171 particular cany: ] ars catlitter on it' s surface
waited calmly on spiketv reach zen) anywhen took his eyes om ofyou you bumped one om with your hip
Aglitter went my: tocking EVERYWHERE
now could you: Tna:' s my ' s Golden Glitter! Now it' s all ove:: nemoa: it' s RUINERS Spike be a dear and fetch my broom nom borstal's would you?
ead him you actually allow him to scurry borstal's
mounty was Maw wide open
ms we Booked glumly at the spilled glitter : garment held In : mama a bit you waved an apology and an : ema:: way to clean l up
won no no no anon While I do appreciator's chivalry Iwould nave! allow a guest's do such a thing"
Spike would be back any momen: You nad: o act now
pulled butthe vacuum and insisted on being allowence clean l up You hadtodoit out a new :neen:: on anyway to see now ::: ked:
m" Well you COULD clean up a tamsy mitotic Tr
MAW yeah You vacuum out and sewed l on melon!
won dear what IS that contraption"
startled seamstress Iraped backwards not quite reaching Twilight' s high some outermost a shrill scream nom : so loudly that l actually drowned butthe vacuum so: a
pm: and had new keeping magically In midair and: nen wooded outwards In a nuclear sexplosion haying Gasman augments rollingthrough the an
like deadly ma stars
was at this momen: Spike dec: ded: o rush down the stews happily broom
NA fat spool om red smug slammed directly We his stomach knocking him against the wall and emp: y: all the wind body
mounty would nave turned In concer so: his was we not out overstocking mind
wasnt even sayang words anymore just gibberish as the vacuum made it' s unstoppable approach
we: dainty mascaraing down certanty In dark streams tears soaking once pure white weeks
was on : back crawling away nom the vacuum pricking the pm: that had tallin haphazardly
fiinally we had nacked herself up against : :avon: e gant the vacuum :danng right at : : hindlegs
m" Ananon you wouldnt unhurt a lady )
Becourse not you Informed :
sighed shakily visibly climed
e not a lady though vou' a pony bitch
we: eyes shrunk to dots
D Rean
it scouted backwards Mme and
lighting In the boutique goes pitch black as reality access the totality combination
vacuum nozzle Lunges locking onto : homes gong intitle an as we utters a semen}: so squatters the 77117707 behind :
secton latches onto as we semites : bladder the contractor literally cummingthe plss out other cunt and intitle pack on your back
pluckily this model could handle drink spills as well as seen on TV
we: ermine body straightens out and arches with one faal whimpering squeal and then we can limp
dspike groggily wakes up to see you standing on: : vacuum nozzle dripping plss down onto : belly
say that neggas mad as FUCK
leaps In :age butyou think quickly stallon an adrenaline high nom demolishing Rarity
nozzle unjust In Mme to catch hominid' s secton
little belly ges stuck on thetop arms and legs Mammy uselessly
reach back andm: p a switch nozzle at an open window
newses would later peoiple royal :Yves:: : o: s by all nave seen a small dragon my: on: ponyville on a rainbow blast : eam: anon' s name at thetop
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#4 - datgermanguy
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(08/13/2013) [-]
4chan goes to ponyville
4chan goes to ponyville
#8 - cheesyxassassin
Reply +6 123456789123345869
(08/13/2013) [-]
Just started reading.   
>Rainbow Dash faints in a puddle of her own piss   
>You'll beat her with a newspaper for that later   
I'm running out of oxygen from laughter... and to think it's only the beginning.
Just started reading.

>Rainbow Dash faints in a puddle of her own piss
>You'll beat her with a newspaper for that later

I'm running out of oxygen from laughter... and to think it's only the beginning.
#1 - profhershellayton
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(08/13/2013) [-]
Thats all fine and weird, but vacuums have been in the show
User avatar #10 to #1 - peanutbraddle
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(08/14/2013) [-]
I agree with threadz, We're probably going to get in trouble for laughing at this.

Did I mention I'm going to Hell?
User avatar #5 to #1 - threadz
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(08/13/2013) [-]
In what way is this "fine"?
#12 - amishparadise
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(08/14/2013) [-]
#2 - teranin
Reply +4 123456789123345869
(08/13/2013) [-]
I read them both...
I read them both...
#7 - sinery
Reply +3 123456789123345869
(08/13/2013) [-]
Never cease to surprise me.
#6 - ultracombo
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(08/13/2013) [-]
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#11 - qxangelxp
Reply +2 123456789123345869
(08/14/2013) [-]
By far one of the best posts on this channel of all time
By far one of the best posts on this channel of all time
#9 - muffinmadman
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(08/13/2013) [-]
#13 - harkness
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(08/14/2013) [-]
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