THE MELON FUCKER!. . Ll Anonymous no ) 12/ 11/ 12( Teeh) DA so 52 No 442851318 Henna: e once knew a guy who was enen we So to speak He' d bored a hole en one en 4Chan Melon fucker
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Ll Anonymous no ) 12/ 11/ 12( Teeh) DA so 52 No 442851318 Henna:
e once knew a guy who was enen we
So to speak
He' d bored a hole en one end ma watermelon, Inserted nes denger, and let
He apparently found the Interesing, and began He found that slightly revamps melons were best as far as texture and went, as the texture
was apparently more "cottony", as he put re were certainly see where the/ d be moster, anyway The real breakthrough, though, happened when he bored another hole en the
other end and sewed a en re
He raved about re Mays e hadn' t heard anyone talk about sex en such terms sence new school, as we began, one by one, to lose n was ecke he' d
dicovered a whole gender unpeople, ween whom he was seen a vergers and he had begun to seek nes one true we
D Anonymous no ': 52 no No 442551475 Ravens »
on (cont)
Them: began to gala new strange He really got new hes expedients - he was sex or seven melons awash satiny, and that was Just what he' d
mimetic me He acted ecke some horable mutant psychology's crossbreed drsex shaneac, Nukes, and quavering ronranger
e never had the courage to ask what he dd ween the watermelons afterwards e almost dd once, but e realesed re mght be a rather personal wine, at least ween
He tnod lots permutation -Orator en the end, en top, two aerators, one on each seem, engravers en both ides and one end he spams lot of
money on engravers and watermelons At one poem, e later found out that a gen we both knew demanded the emmerdale return of her toys when she found out what
he' d been daeng ween them, winch made us all wonder she thant mend hang en another person, but re bothered forthat re was en aruto (Uh, so to
speak e
He He drew diagrams He ween sens operator, set pulse rates He even bookend engravers apart, to see Wee could
alter the way they worked t really was a class; nee of mad seems
winch es how e got envolved he asked me to reg the engravers so that they could an hemmed on and on ween one swede
D Anonymous no ') 04 53 26 No 442851632 Ravens »
cont e
Aweek later, he came hackle) me ween a problem the per% crematory rate for tho paticular brand was when the battens: were about halfdead Could tho somenoe be e wound spinally
wering the thigs tegether ween old Chistmas mm: and a , so he could vary the now of news, so to speak, to whatever seemed hes, um, fancy
Hook extra specal care ween the and Everyting was [ems e was done ween re ed learned my lesson well when re came to peruse: and electical, you see
Fially, towards the end of that very odd summer, e received a very specal nevus on the answering He' d apparently completed hes expedients the precious day, and had mapped out the sen and volume of
the Mean melon, and the numbering to ensure maximum
The next day, he mended to have the ulimate demisexual Would e ecke to come watch? were would be wens and cheese, and a wee e wouldnt be alone; he' d elevated guests
D Anonymous no ') 04 so 33 No Ravens »
cont e
e lined of wanted to e mime! re e thought about re t was an extremely blame thog, and e dd blame from [ems to [ems but e had to work the next day and somenoe, the mes of skipping work to watch a guy fuck a
we somenoe Just wasnt somethig e could reconcile to myself That and f gestalts was Megan what would they do to you for screwing a vegetable? e could Just see the local cops nursefag en to gran some
and then, there were hes (veered: e knew some ofence, and many (imam were SERIOUS weirdies Hm, e thought, would the check ween the peirced maples who Wed be there, e wondered? Peirced
maples were a lot less common then, and she and e had ht re of pretty wen at our hast meening
but hens was a party, then hes Mend who dammed to be marred to hes dog would lukeey be there, too, and for some reason, tho guy seemed to e was hes Mend last [ems we' d met, ed learned more about
dog plumbing than e ever wanted to know
e negged of
D Anonymous no ') 04 56 so No 442852018 Ravens »
cont e
Apparently, e messed we an evene e heard aboutthe happeneds no less than We (ems: the following week from assorted people who' d been there
our hero made we the party out of lappen bar for guests, the promised wee, complete ween drugs and Wee sandwiches, and he was door en noting has lame en the
koennen, he' d the melon to a large cuting board and braced re on the koennen table
When everyone was there the began, so to speak He ducked the Someone offered tome?’ hem, and he raucously agreed Much arousal and amusement ensued, paticularly sence the
fewer was apparently a guy
Fially hes manhood erect and ready he approached the cuting board
D Anonymous no ') 04 59 34 No 442552307 Ravens » »
The openings had been evened, the engravers asorted, the wering arranged e never saw tho paticular melon, mend you, but e can emagine re easely enough - hes later expedients were so fun of pares and wares, ed
taken to esenkent (imam as the
He truncated and entered the we
The crowd watched breathlessly
He on the engravers The drilled ween the hum come awe and the smell Man exceed watermelon
He weaned
The crowd gasped
He began to slowly stroke en and melon
Hes eyes rolled back Planey, he was feeding no pane
The crowd began to get new re
He thrust new the wee, harder, deeper
The crowd began to chant, "cor an Gore
He began to lose control, furiously the we
Acouple Mme crowd ran forward, grabbed the table and board, stab/ Zed re our hero slammed moves melon, harder, harder The crowd moved closer, gathered around hem They held the table steady Harder,
harder, (zesty
and then somethig WEIRD happened Wendy, that es, than the tableau already more our eyes
D Anonymous no ') 05 Us No 442852595 Ravens » »
cont e
en truth, e guess re was my fame Ididnt foresee re but e should have em the one who wnae} the engravers to work en tandem, using Chistmas mm: fora my e should have known that more than adorers aerators,
all working owe same power source, fan new sync and generate , en a environment ecke the insade Man overripe watermelon would generate
posetive feedback increasing by the second The guys dong knacking en and out wouldnt neep, en face, re poonanny accelerated the end result
The bottom We Just as our hero reached orgasm, the watermelon exploded, silently, shoveing our hero, the koennen, and the ween uh we sala
noitced the increased throbbed due to our Hero' s franker
om speak No one had
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#6 - wittypotato
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(08/10/2013) [-]
If ******* animals is a felony is ******* plants a melony?
But seriously that post was incredible.
#3 - houseofbrick
Reply +56 123456789123345869
(08/10/2013) [-]
I kinda want to **** a watermelon, now.
#17 - SGfannr
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(08/10/2013) [-]
Guests FW
Guests FW
#24 - deathofnight
Reply +31 123456789123345869
(08/10/2013) [-]
You can say whatever you want about that guy but dammit he had a dream and he ******* achieved it.
#9 - klina
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(08/10/2013) [-]
bystanders faces when
User avatar #8 - johnnygoldmane **User deleted account**
Reply +23 123456789123345869
(08/10/2013) [-]
That brings a new and uniquely horrifying meaning to the phrase 'explosive orgasm'
#4 - bearsixteen
Reply +20 123456789123345869
(08/10/2013) [-]
**** is hilarious
**** is hilarious
#44 - jogoto
Reply +19 123456789123345869
(08/10/2013) [-]
i tried to laugh but my efforts were... fruitless so to speak
#29 - danilawleit
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(08/10/2013) [-]
#10 - swatlowkey
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(08/10/2013) [-]
lost it at Fruit salad...
lost it at Fruit salad...