Worth the Read 2 Old but gold. It's a repost but I haven't seen it here in a while and it touched me. Appropriately.. sbe 25 Walking home hem class( dental scho Worth the Read 2 Old but gold It's a repost I haven't seen it here in while and touched me Appropriately sbe 25 Walking home hem class( dental scho
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Worth the Read 2 Old but gold

Worth the Read 2 Old but gold. It's a repost but I haven't seen it here in a while and it touched me. Appropriately.. sbe 25 Walking home hem class( dental scho

It's a repost but I haven't seen it here in a while and it ******* touched me. Appropriately.

sbe 25
Walking home hem class( dental school)
sees homeless woman. he older than i was, maybe 23 at the most
sten' t want to walk around her rudely
saay hello
sshe seemed scared
sshe was really dirty. but had these eyes like humble pools bywater
What We little bit( i grew up homeless people really appreciate human contact, plus i didn' t have any minette give her)
ffind out that she was kicked out by her parents when she was Ah been roaming the streets ever since
almost ashamed to be thinkingbear she was / 10. she didn' t even smell as bad as most homeless ive encountered
seafer her a shower and meal at my house
sstill very shy. but she had that humble/ thankful leek in heresey
sget to my appt. neighbors giving us dirty leeks
sget inside show her to the bathroom. find seme ladies' shower stealthan my ex at the time had left
sshe semes em 35 minutes wrapped in stewey. pile towels and washcloths
sne joke, 8/ 10 without the dirt
ggive her seme of my ex' s clothes, nothing fancy, but she looked like a proper lady
Meade a pasta/ red bean salad while she was washing up
We' re eating. she bursts into tears
swe on has ever been this nice to me. I can' t repay you, but wart."
You' re a levela woman, but it wouldn' t be right"
sleek hamface tells me i did the right thing
wwe finish eating in silence and she asks ifi can take her back to her spot
4 walk her 'home' with a few extra clothes, soaps, blankets. and the leftovers
sget to the spot and she tears up and gives me a kiss en the cheek
tthanks reefer everything and says that she' ll neverforget me
part 2 coming
awalk by her spot meet days alter class, sometimes ill bring seme dinnering es. sometimes i bring lunch befire class
swe become pretty good friends
sits net even that weird that it started as an act enchirito
sde this almost every day fer about 2 months
sin that time. she got a jeb at a Panera and supplied some of the meals fer us
sshe takes showers usually once a week at a nearby shelter by this time
spretty much back on her feet, but still homeless
usually get a kiss en the cheek like that first night when i leave
minuite her back again ene night, saying that a change of setting could be nice
sget ts the house and she nearly pounces en me
smaking out wildly. not even thinking about what she could have
den' t even care at this Poirot, we fucked wildly fer a few hours
sshe legit put all of her gratitude inte it
stent see heffer about a week after, got checked by doctor, didn' t catch anything
skeep doing the lunches/ dinners
fuck back at my place
sshe has a pretty good bit of maney saved up frem wark/ donations
swe decide ts make it official
part 3 en its way
was skeptical when she moved in. i had been robbed by past girlfriends and didn' t know what expect
shave great sex first night
swage up in this really nice hog, don' t want get aut m bed
sshe isn' t there
ssmall fire of seme kind
Hun to kitchen. she leeks horrified that she burnt the eggs
precieved as fuck, i reassured her that it' s fine
sever}; day after that we weild leave the apartment tegether
bid walk her ts work and walk around until lunch, then cla.
spick her up after work
sit was a really nice little schedule we had
swe weild beth be so tired hem werk and class that we' d just crash back at our place
swe went en fer a few months, it was heaven
sshe was extremely loyal too, like how a rescue dog weild do anything fer its new einer{ net the best analogy, but work with me)
sshe picked up seme great cooking skills at that Panera jab, her sandwiches had everything + that Ieve and gratitude
setter a few months, i graduated with a DOS. entrained a really nice practice
sshe kept weaking at panera, bringing in whatever she could, but i was making some serious money new
set this point 27. she' s 26
choppiest peeple en earth
sin that year of dating. i never mend her sleeping amend, stealing, she was elf all her drugs
suicided i mend the right girl
5 years later, Grace and I are happily married and expecting eer first sen in a few months, Some nights she still cries at hew-_ kinda was the first night. But I was the ene who was lucky enoegh to have polished that
distend I mend in the gutter
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