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#33 - syswolf
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(08/06/2013) [-]
Weirdest rumor? It would have to be the time I was sick with pneumonia so I missed school for a week. As a result kids starting spreading a rumor that I brutally murdered my parents, and had to take time out of school to dispose of the bodies. They even had listed locations of where my parents were buried. My mom was buried behind the Methodist Church and my dad was buried in the cemetery because, and I quote, "No one would ever ******* look in a cemetery." As for the church, I have no ******* idea. The look on my schoolmates face when I walked into the office with my mom so she could sign a few things and hand them the doctors note.

After I heard about the rumors from somebody I just grabbed him and said, "WHO ******* TOLD YOU!"

If you are wondering why that rumor spread it is because I was the shy kid that sat in the back of the class, wore dark clothing (not a goth, just dark clothing), never talked, never smiled and was labeled a 'creeper' because I knew where one girl lived. She lived two blocks down from me.