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#11 - thisotherdude (08/05/2013) [-]
Lava is molten rock, in order for rock to melt it needs to be from 600-1200 degrees celsius (that's 1100-2200 in fahrenheit if you're American). If the lava hasn't formed a flexible slightly solidified layer (which as the lava in the picture is completely red it hasn't) than even going close to it would be more than enough to kill you. Aka, the girl and father would be extra crispy and dead already and standing on a sofa would do absolutely nothing. Now where's my Buzz Killington award?
User avatar #86 to #11 - newsuperyoshi (08/06/2013) [-]
I call BS...

Minecraft Nether.
#55 to #11 - unfitninjuh (08/06/2013) [-]
Congratulations, you have just been promoted to Lieutenant
User avatar #94 to #55 - princeofbrokensoul (08/06/2013) [-]
******* love that picture.
User avatar #104 to #94 - toxictangerine (08/06/2013) [-]
* ******* lava that picture
User avatar #57 to #55 - thisotherdude (08/06/2013) [-]
Sweet! I've always dreamed of being a lieutenant! (also that picture will come in real handy in the future)
User avatar #60 to #57 - unfitninjuh (08/06/2013) [-]
Your welcome
#51 to #11 - anon (08/06/2013) [-]
Good ******* job, smart guy. No one knew that, thanks for sharing. Seeing as how FJ is a site of logic and science, we needed your facts.
#53 to #51 - thisotherdude (08/06/2013) [-]
Why thank you good sir, I do my best to please. I must say you are quite good when it comes to sarcasm and must give you a small round of applause for your skills.
Why thank you good sir, I do my best to please. I must say you are quite good when it comes to sarcasm and must give you a small round of applause for your skills.
#28 to #11 - misticalz ONLINE (08/05/2013) [-]
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#19 to #11 - Zeigh (08/05/2013) [-]
Misery is best Gloom.
User avatar #30 to #19 - linktheherooftime (08/06/2013) [-]
What is she from?
User avatar #32 to #30 - Zeigh (08/06/2013) [-]
A kids show called Ruby Gloom.

S'really good.
#14 to #11 - kandazz (08/05/2013) [-]
Hey, 			****		 your science and have fun.
Hey, **** your science and have fun.
User avatar #87 to #14 - newsuperyoshi (08/06/2013) [-]
I got an email recently you might be interested in.

FROM: thatotherdude@funnyjunk.com
TO: newsuperyoshi@funnyjunk.com
SUBJECT: Fwd: The Cause of Sciance.

Lava kills you if you get near it in real life.


When you get the joke I put in there.
#169 to #87 - kandazz (08/06/2013) [-]
This comic is brought to in part by the powers of magic and imagination! Like snakes plated in dragon scales! (P.S. This snake is called a bush viper. Imagination says dragon snake. So much more interesting.)
User avatar #17 to #14 - MaelRadec (08/05/2013) [-]
cavemen jedi and sith fighting
User avatar #48 to #17 - thefortysecond (08/06/2013) [-]
oh my god your avatar
User avatar #15 to #14 - thisotherdude (08/05/2013) [-]
But science is fun!... When you're not the one being experimented on of course.

Also I will never get tired of watch flaming sword fights, ***** metal as **** .
#201 to #15 - shangrula (08/06/2013) [-]
if you want more AWESOME **** like that, check out michaelchtulhu on youtube. he makes epic custom swords on commission and makes videos of them. not to mention he's rather funny!
#12 to #11 - anon (08/05/2013) [-]
That magma once left volcano it pretty easy avoid since what you meantio usually only reaches bottom by then it changed i heat
User avatar #13 to #12 - thisotherdude (08/05/2013) [-]
True, and lava generally flows quite slowly once it reaches that point, it's quite easy to outrun.
User avatar #31 to #13 - linktheherooftime (08/06/2013) [-]
Which means that the guy, and most of his town must not have not considered the lava flowing toward them as threat. So he has no right to be surprised as it is partially his fault.
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