Subway Stories PT 3. Part 1: /funny_pictures/4718448/Subway+Stories+PT+1/ Part 2: /funny_pictures/4719266/Subway+Stories+PT+2/. stories Part 3 the Matty Shit" w Subway Stories PT 3 Part 1: /funny_pictures/4718448/Subway+Stories+PT+1/ 2: /funny_pictures/4719266/Subway+Stories+PT+2/ stories the Matty Shit" w
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Subway Stories PT 3

Part 3
the Matty Shit"
we 3 an
awaiting morning shin
relate in new store
minutes nass
man walks in with a int
bask him what he' ll like to order
Hie sails he' s twine to he netting
bask him attr the [Janet
Hill them Mullen " t aside
item one ether
Mrs a meatball
shatto hill to heen make them
shatto when he needs them mane
Hm tells me in 30 minutes
to make all N them
mall the dune. let him knew they' re
we ewes in [link them He
retinas his " alone
leeks IO Hears eln. naming a
melting ethane
wells at me with disgust
a-[ lull nails int the sandwiches. leaves
a small till oi
we asks why he' s leaving a tin. i' m inst
some in smart it an Deeanne or
met a little unset. ileum net in we
asks tn trg one
been lets him
him a " t suit
Hie takes a bite. suits it on the liner
ascribe at new lent] the ‘ is
assail leeks at the enter
mail me [Jams
a-" This was tn he attr
something else''
Hie nave mettle wrung eatler
Hint enough time to make new stills
and has to tell everyone at his earn!
that they have to heal with eating
Mullen " t stills
and throws a tit, throwing his ethane an
the around and stunnin! l on it
aglet out a
akin Elites me a leak that screams We
think this is a icke. motherfuckers!"
alum in tile M embarrassment
takes the Bags Insults and his
and walk out
on break. have in mean till
kills thehell an sandwich
talk in Bennie alumni what
heal‘ him an the ensue
Hm tells me in take a break and net Bill
in wni‘ k the newer attr a while
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