Despite the poor English, this is gold.. . Natalia what You know when Ffirst added you Ithought you were a alright girl, but seeing the shit you post every day  Despite the poor English this is gold Natalia what You know when Ffirst added you Ithought were a alright girl but seeing shit post every day
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Despite the poor English, this is gold.

You know when Ffirst added you Ithought you were a alright girl, but
seeing the shit you post every day has shown me what a self
centered cunt you are who is just begging for attention, which is
ironic, because this is also the same person who said it is sad to beg
for attention, there are so many things which are wrong with you,
firstly stop acting like your obbsessed gamer with all this love to fake
game characters and its quite sad you act like you love video games
but then you play the games which are the worst out of the series,
AKA SKYRIMM, skyrim is the easiest and most casual rpg in the series,
bethesda said it them selves, ACA is shit, the game got down rated a
lot and you just sit there showing love for a digital person, that is
pretty sad and you only do it for attention, your drawing sucks sorry
attention from guys but your nasty, your mean, how you treated to
delete people who comment stuff on yuru statuses and they dent say
rude things, Just because your a girl doesnt mean you can be so
nasty to people, don' t you care about others feelings, hence whre anii
saying this to you and dent care about yoru feeling cos you are mean
human being, maybe if you we re a bit nicer people wont say stuff like
this tn you, and you should he glad that these guys are so hung up
over you becuase you your self as a
you look ugly. may but looking through your photos it made me
think that your current photos must be photo shopped or some thing
cos how do prom pics of you were you look like a ogre from lord of
the rings become a half decent twang girl in her self taken photos.
you should be glad so many guys are hung up over you, so stop
being such a bitch to every one and stop saying things like sorryy
have a life, you dent you merely spend all your day on m writing
stupid things and putting up picture of video game characters you
supposedly love its not Mk you are doing anything productive
because from what I can tell you are pretty darn stupid. Stop whoring
for attendee. stop acting like your a gamer chick or nerd cos your
this needs to be said, either improve or quit, I have seen years neither good at games nor smart and stop being a bitch to people,
old make amazing art on the computer, you make shit sorry to say
and I recall one of your statuses saying lol why do guys perv on me,
Well maybe if you didnt accept every god dam friend request this
wouldn' t happen you Just like the attention, you dont know me and
Just because all your friends are Intern friends does not mean you
can be a bitch to them and have you even played the last of us,
because your elite cosplay is more tile you look like a crack addict
and photoshoping your self into a video game picture is sad, you
accepted me on both of your accounts. AND OKAY IGET If HAY LOOK wrote Coen status guys who kwe aname being sad but then here
EVERY GUY LIKE ME, its cool some girls are like that they love
you are your self into video game pictures of guys, that
sad as the HUME. dont be a and SIDE with thega
is as sad as the ammo guys, dont be a hypocrite and stop with these
fake i love scobby doo shit and cherios, you are so thirsty for
attention, seriously be good to your self and stop being a looser,
because this is getting you no where in life you idiot and stop acting
like your on your period all them time and being mad at every one
but nice when you want to, god you are some work, Ihave never
seen a attention whore like you, like dam most of your friends on m
are from america.
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