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#10 - anon (08/01/2013) [-]
Illegal... From some points of view. Washington state, smoking pot is legal at 21. Most jobs will still fire you for it, but, it's legal to smoke.
#12 to #10 - draxdiesel (08/01/2013) [-]
they can fire you for doing something legal? surely you could take them to an employment tribunal or something?
#82 to #12 - anon (08/01/2013) [-]
Incredible logic.
#21 to #12 - superazo (08/01/2013) [-]
you must be one of those people who blindly think you can sue someone.
#25 to #21 - draxdiesel (08/01/2013) [-]
no, im just english and we have a lot of laws surrounding employment for the protection of employees. i have heard that in the US the laws regarding employment are a lot looser but, not being an american employer or employee, i don't know to what extent this is true.
User avatar #20 to #12 - envinite (08/01/2013) [-]
It's legal to insult your coworkers and boss in their face, but surely you can get fired too
User avatar #16 to #12 - sketchE (08/01/2013) [-]
its legal to drink however if you show up to work drunk youll be fired for negatively representing the company
#30 to #16 - gcharto (08/01/2013) [-]
They drug test for it. it stays in your system for weeks
User avatar #39 to #30 - jesusflowers (08/01/2013) [-]
actually, only if you smoke daily for months does it stay in your system for more than 2 weeks. if you smoke once a week, it only takes a few days
User avatar #71 to #39 - mcroflskates (08/01/2013) [-]
That's true in most cases, however, the more body fat you have the longer it'll stay in your system because it stores in the fat.
#26 to #16 - draxdiesel (08/01/2013) [-]
true, but not for drinking outside of work. i'm guessing anon meant that they would do a drug test and then you would be fired because you would have to be pretty stupid to smoke weed at work
User avatar #56 to #26 - sketchE (08/01/2013) [-]
most jobs dont allow you to drink then come into work drunk. you can drink all you want outside but my security job for instance said if yu had a single drink eight hours prior to your shift to call in
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