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#18 - herrstig **User deleted account**
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(07/31/2013) [-]
Why did he marry her in the first place?
#42 to #18 - leonjoker
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(08/01/2013) [-]
Because, buddy. Most women only turn into complete psycho bitches AFTER they get married.

Don't walk down that path. If you wanna be with somebody "forever" just be with them, in more cases than not, marriage only ***** **** up for a relationship. No need to bet half your **** that you can stand each other till one of you dies.

Now go ahead and thumb me down.
#187 to #42 - Dairycow
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(08/01/2013) [-]
was gonna thumb you up but you told me to thumb you down.
#70 to #42 - hotsaws
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(08/01/2013) [-]
>Implying the marriage itself is what ***** everything up and not the bitch feeling entitled to touch all your ****.
#47 to #42 - anon
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(08/01/2013) [-]
miserable people in ****** marriages thumbing this dude down. gotta love it.