Description is true. A greentext story that is not very well known, OP posted proof after but I didn't captioned it. Tags are lies. Hey , I want to tell you a s you are beautiful

Description is true

A greentext story that is not very well known, OP posted proof after but I didn't captioned it.

Tags are lies

Hey , I want to tell you a story about one of fatrolls to he girl who broke my heart.
Part One: Background-
18 year old male
15 year old girlfriend
Paedobear for 3 years of our relationship
rise to girlfriends house everyday and be loved by girlfriend' s family
lots and lots of sex and "fall in love"
out girlfriend slept with anothergun a few weeks after college started
Fiight with girlfriend and break up
and think to sleep with for revenge
Countinue to tutor siblings
Noobody knows of our breakup
italia -Part Four: The Twist-
feather asks girlfriend who the guy was
who explains that he is her boyfriend
ipg Whole party is silent
I f. s. ruhr. . Taye out ato_ ? ff? is enraged that his daughter would cheat on me
were comes the twist
plans to introduce her **** buddy to family names (yd of (Tad
wants to surprise them
E:’ :; ,., ", ', ihtm"" in the family and plans party for her welcoming grylis at her
her in frat of everyone
I Anonymous (ID: stormare} ; iwantto: : No_ is ngw comforting for "sad" me
File: KB, 428x510, )
Part Three: The Troll-
was is ******** bricks File: ( 14 KB, 3451347, } 91. jpg)
buddy taunts me by grabbing her boob when her
father is turned away
a little on the inside
in car and have awkward silence for an hour
Part Five: The Conclusion-
llik 22
yex-( i) cannot afford college
to house
anxious to tell her dad about **** buddy
Why congratulations" she asks _ yyes, atone in dirty apartment
1 propose
await ends ******** job to taunt her
who tries to apologize and reconcile
show wedding ring
Warned to her bestfriend
buddy punches me
Fjamily kicks him out
Eeveryone is confoosed
so what do you think ? was all my effort worth the troll?
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