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#84 - cottonman (07/29/2013) [-]
Calling it soccer makes my head hurts. What is soccer? Oh yeah Football.
#101 to #84 - anon (07/29/2013) [-]
its soccer.
User avatar #156 to #101 - riddari (07/29/2013) [-]
Well, I suppose it's right to call it football; there's a ball and you use your feet to control it. I mean, it's more logical than american football where you only use feet during kickoffs (as far as I know). Why don't we start calling it american rugby? It resembles it much more closely.
User avatar #165 to #156 - currentlyfapping (07/29/2013) [-]
American Football is called football cause the ball is a foot long...
#269 to #165 - riddari (07/30/2013) [-]
Oh. That's actually handy to know. Thanks.
#194 to #165 - anon (07/29/2013) [-]
Then we should call it 30.48centimetersball.
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