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#5 - royoten (07/26/2013) [-]
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#2 - DeathclawRulez (07/26/2013) [-]
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#12 to #2 - slysixtyfourwii (07/26/2013) [-]
User avatar #13 to #12 - DeathclawRulez (07/26/2013) [-]
don't know
User avatar #15 to #12 - shumdek (07/26/2013) [-]
It's just an edited version of a scene from the Simpsons where Homer is imagining Flanders in a ski suit saying "Feels like I'm wearing nothing at all!".
#37 to #2 - arrowinurbutt (07/27/2013) [-]
Snake had the biggest ass in MGS4
Snake had the biggest ass in MGS4
User avatar #20 to #2 - tabarzins (07/26/2013) [-]
stupid sexy snake
#1 - djtim (07/26/2013) [-]
#6 to #1 - tonkkax (07/26/2013) [-]
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User avatar #3 - thechosentroll (07/26/2013) [-]
I can see Wario actually doing that.
#7 - mericuh (07/26/2013) [-]
But Wario, if regular Samus without her power suit uses a Final Smash she regains the suit...so she'd have to do it twice. PAY UP *****
#55 to #7 - anon (05/14/2014) [-]
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#56 to #7 - speedmetaldemon has deleted their comment [-]
#9 to #7 - anon (07/26/2013) [-]
The joke was he wanted her to do the same final smash so she would lose her zero suit.
User avatar #10 to #9 - mericuh (07/26/2013) [-]
Thanks for your infallible wisdom, oh all-knowing anonymous.
no **** sherlock
User avatar #29 to #10 - ferrettamer (07/26/2013) [-]
I'm not going to lie, I didn't get it until anon explained it, I was too busy thinking what would happen if she did it in game
User avatar #14 to #10 - vortexrain (07/26/2013) [-]
How do I do the hidden eye icon?
User avatar #17 to #14 - retentions (07/26/2013) [-]
top right when typing a message
User avatar #18 to #17 - vortexrain (07/26/2013) [-]
Well, now I feel retarded.
User avatar #19 to #18 - hObOjO (07/26/2013) [-]
dude this is aweesome
User avatar #21 to #19 - vortexrain (07/26/2013) [-]
Yay, we know how to do something a lot of other people know how to do.
User avatar #22 to #21 - hObOjO (07/26/2013) [-]
this pleases me
User avatar #31 to #22 - tenday (07/26/2013) [-]
#36 to #31 - anon (07/27/2013) [-]
im gay
User avatar #38 to #36 - daddyghast (07/27/2013) [-]
No ******* way
#43 to #38 - anon (07/27/2013) [-]
okay ____ that's cool
#47 to #43 - soycabron (07/27/2013) [-]
[spoiler] [spoiler] [spoiler] [spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler]
#23 - shwoodle (07/26/2013) [-]
Wario would survive a final smash because he's a ******* tank.
User avatar #24 to #23 - Hreidmar ONLINE (07/26/2013) [-]
He's definitely one of the best characters in SSBB. I generally play him, partially because he's fun and not too cheap to play as, and partially because he has some of the best taunts in the game.
User avatar #25 to #24 - shwoodle (07/26/2013) [-]
Agreed Wario is a strong fighter and hilarious to play as, he is one of my best mains and I've used him in tourneys.
User avatar #26 to #25 - Hreidmar ONLINE (07/26/2013) [-]
I never competed, but I often play against my nephew and his friends, who do compete. I rather mastered Wario, Toon Link, and Marth. SSBB can be surprisingly addicting and relaxing.
User avatar #27 to #26 - shwoodle (07/26/2013) [-]
when i play I almost always go random because it gives me a challenge, that said even then I still end up winning cause I'm versatile with every fighter, but when It comes to bests I main Wario, Wolf, Pikachu, and Bowser.
User avatar #28 to #27 - Hreidmar ONLINE (07/26/2013) [-]
I could never get the hang of any projectile classes besides the two Links. Obviously I know how to shoot, but I could never get the hang of zoning people as, say, Wolf. It's hard to compete against my nephew, who... I don't know his exact position, but he's a very strong Ice Climbers player. I don't win often, but at the very least I put up one hell of a fight. I tend to find people really underestimate Wario's bite.
User avatar #30 to #28 - shwoodle (07/26/2013) [-]
Ice climbers can be a pain to beat, I find keeping them separated works, also with the links can crouch and use their shield to block projectiles, particularly Ice shot (I get it to work most of the time). With Wario I find the bike catches people off guard especially short range strikes. But that is how I fight, I don`t know how well they`d work now since it`s been a while since I`ve competed.
User avatar #32 to #30 - Hreidmar ONLINE (07/26/2013) [-]
The problem is that my nephew's mastered Ice Climber's chain grab. Basically if I make one single wrong move, he gets a free kill on me. Their projectiles are more a nuisance and a zoning device more than anything. But yeah, you're right, the Wario bike is an amazing asset, especially with recovery. I think Wario has the second best recovery in the game (Metaknight comes first, but we don't talk about metaknight.)
User avatar #33 to #32 - shwoodle (07/26/2013) [-]
Yeah we don`t talk about him. I think Pit bests Wario for recovery though (possibly Peach and Jiggs too). Chain grabbing is a pain but not impossible to deal with, but it does come down to skillful dodging and separating the skill climbers to prevent them from chaining to begin with, easier said then done though.
User avatar #11 - warioteam (07/26/2013) [-]
Wow, you didn't have to make me seem so unattractive.
#48 - lemaymay (07/27/2013) [-]
Who wouldn't want a qt.3.14 bounty hunter to shoot them with a very hurtful beam?
I'm not the only one, right?
User avatar #52 to #48 - raquelian (07/27/2013) [-]
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand off to ****
#8 - TrailerParkBoys (07/26/2013) [-]
Another Panel of her throwing a piece of armor would have worked perfect
User avatar #51 - bighairyfart ONLINE (07/27/2013) [-]
projectmgame.com I highly recommend you check it out, it's loads of fun.
User avatar #50 - iLime (07/27/2013) [-]
The second time she uses it she regenerates the suit but doesn't do the laser.
User avatar #35 - drainbramage (07/27/2013) [-]
I started playing the original Metroid for the first time ever (lol emulators) And I have no ******* idea what I'm doing, where I'm going or what my objective is....Am I really dumb or are you meant to just kind of wonder between levels?
#39 to #35 - maphrox (07/27/2013) [-]
Basically, you won't ever get to the end without a map or really, really good luck.
User avatar #40 to #39 - drainbramage (07/27/2013) [-]
Is there an in game map I can stumble upon at all?

And thank the lord for savestates, I've been pretty much hit by everything I've come across.
#41 to #40 - maphrox (07/27/2013) [-]
Nope, only out-of-game maps.
User avatar #42 to #41 - drainbramage (07/27/2013) [-]
Excellent, I don't want to use any out of the game guides though....I'm sure I'll find a way.
#57 to #35 - anon (03/10/2015) [-]
ya you have to explore you have to figure out the puzzles
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