The Tale of Charles Z. Not mine!. The story of Charles Z: From creep to king: Chapter 1: Taylor Swift This chapter is about crushed dreams Charles Z enter win t The Tale of Charles Z Not mine! story Z: From creep to king: Chapter 1: Taylor Swift This chapter is about crushed dreams enter win t
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The Tale of Charles Z

The story of Charles Z: From creep to king:
Chapter 1: Taylor Swift
This chapter is about crushed dreams
Charles Z enter win tickets to see and meet Taylor Swift competition of his own accord. Se he could crush all the little girls dreams and sniff
Taylor' s hair.
his friends help, Charles E made it to 25th place of around 3000 applicants.
close friend of Charles and apparent lurker posts en Eh! asking for support
b/ is immediatly enticed by the idea of ruining other little kids chances of winning and meeting Taylor Swift
b/ Votes Charles to the sst place
Charles is happy, Eh! is happy
Charles develops great popularity en Eh! and is crowned as king
removes the competition
Charles is upset, Eh! is outraged
b/ develops propaganda to inform and manipulate regular internet users to support Charles with #
b/ makes plans to attack the website but occur causing the attack to desume messy and innefective
Charles Z.
Chapter 1. 5: Warmachine
This chapter is about the warmachine
Some bitch in the Taylor Swift contest tweeted to warmachine a pro MMA tighter
insulted Charles
b/ is outraged
s twitter ass got spammed with pictures of his girl sucking cocks
b/ made fun of warmachine' s dad dying and mum being a crack whore
b/ doxed him after he posted a picture of a letter he wrote
Gearmachine punched himself
And that' s how Eh! beat up a pro MMA fighter
Chapter 2: Selena Gomez emachine
The quiet before the shitstorm
Soon after the Taylor Swift incident, Eh! dissevers another competition is taking place
tloa New York win tickets to see and meet Selena Gomez competition
b/ enters under Charles identity without his knowing er permission (he noticed that like 24 hours after everything happened)
to having only a few days Eh! manages to get Charles to rrd place with about 14 hours left
competition rules state that the winner will be selected rejudges out of the top 3 positions
b/ dues research into the person in the sst position
Kristian, male
b/ picks up en his twitter and realises that he has been slanderous towards Charles
b/ is outraged
tloa cuts the competition shun; Charles finishes in the rrd position
b/ is even mere outraged (about 1 day after that kristen admits using scripts)
b/ tends everything there is to know about Kristian and rips him to shreds
Chapter 3: The Jonas Brothers and the raid
This chapter is about revenge Kristian
en the guy whu wrote news about Eh! and Charles is made, a dragon dildo and sums pizzas are sent, but not much
b/ dissevers that 311]!) New York is hosting another competition win tickets to see and meet the Jonas Brothers
realising this could be the perfect to annoy 311]!) whilst making little girls cry
b/ enters, yet again under the identify of Charles without his permission
is where the shitstorm agains kristen begins, from gay scoots, korans; to pizza, Chinese feed and dragon dildos were sent
twitter account was spammed even mere and we got his skypee ass
Kristian deletes his twitter page
swim the help of sums script, anans thud the site with vets requests
aall of the sudden, 311]!) is not working anymore; anans get requests timeout
everyone wonders what happened
entire Clear Channel network is DAWN because of /b/, about 850 websites
b/ ethers are full
compertition ends early with Charles in tth position
Chapter 4: 1 Direction
This chapter is about potatos
Kristian twitter is up again and he wen the competition
against Kristian 2. and getting ready to shitstorm the daily dot faggut
discovers a gopetition to meet ens direction and again, for the lull; Eh! enters with nu permission
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