GEORGE ZIMMERMAN: NATIONAL HERO. LETS MAKE ZIMMERMAN A NATIONAL HERO. Child is: having a contes: t who is: = _ is: already  GEORGE ZIMMERMAN: NATIONAL HERO www cnn com/SPECIALS/cnn heroes/nom/ LETS MAKE ZIMMERMAN A Child is: having a contes: t who = _ already
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Child is: having a contes: t who is: = _ is: already voting for Einsam
We need your help " make Zimmerman a hero-
bu mp for the glory of our holly warrior
Step 1: Go to sin om" [link ' description}
Step 2: Fill out this below ' the nominee section.
Step a Make up your information [Dr use your troll info}
s INFO .
First name', 'Last name',
United '
Femail address: Phone
Either an femail address or phone number is required.
Age: ‘Selects category:
I 25 and under I Championing Children: Commitment to the welfare deyoung people
D (D Community Crusader: Creating solutions to a local problem or social issue
I soa I Defending the Planet: Innovative efforts to preserve and protective environment
I Medical Marvel: Dedication to the enhancement inhuman health
I Protecting the Powerless: Advancing the cause inhuman or equal rights
I Ather: Use this category ofyour hero' s cause doesnt tit into one ofthose above
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