Shutter Island. . D Anonymous no / Pu) / 21/ 13 25 No 494775897 Reyna: % kia » » yup, ready tbr some You' achene heavens crazy Gwennie turtals anon eano of? we  Shutter Island D Anonymous no / Pu) 21/ 13 25 No 494775897 Reyna: % kia » yup ready tbr some You' achene heavens crazy Gwennie turtals anon eano of? we
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Shutter Island

D Anonymous no / Pu) / 21/ 13 25 No 494775897 Reyna: % kia » »
yup, ready tbr some You' achene heavens crazy Gwennie turtals anon
eano of?
we me, 19, tryong the ewe ewe we
Nun! en en POP
Mme on the chubby see. but dat ass
stangs w well, make out and hager her on m date
llast forward about 5 months
was me watch her aee (anew: weeks / e she and her mom go to Pans
Nays she wants to be nest Mends nght as she' s evene on the plane
haw her aee "run away" but too beta at the we
we comes back, tres to hug me but n tell her rm through weh her and tryto walk away
we starts ewe and says she' s sunny and she was lust heme Mound before Me whe an what n take her back
llast forward a new months later, dad wants me to move In weh m In Japan (grew Anymore bceause dad was
ttell Tiebout e. she was spasm and spends next new months tryong desperateness get me to stay
Makes pregnancy atedge have a condom break even though n got hertha methehe aw enn
ttell her n wnn chll be weh her even though rm murning bceause my dad needs me bceause he' s all alone
sshe' s ewe and aw me as n dave orrow her house Awe turing back dame the has
met on plane
D Anonymous no / Pu) / 21/ 27 39 No 494779352 Reyna:
parta of?
me! to Japan, be be weh my dad
my Mend' s bombshell ena en. ta% huge double o hthis, skany, dat ass, beaucool face, the works
we out mend moved backto states, he calls me tells me he wants to date he he trusts me to take eare ocher and her needs Crazy n know
wwe go out to a bar, get some ennis then heah to my place
man a mom, / e cuddling on the couch
we turns Greene and stares we my eyes and bees her he and we start making out
chlothes come , start suckmy on her manned mes. . then eaing her out
Nanny her caveman style to my room and throw her on my waterbed
man fuckinng herroh every angle and destroying that eassy
ttell her rm bout the blow
m" I' m on the enn leant you to cum In me, anon
acum weh a Force ann unmatched to ths day
enext day rm awe bands istant
m" whats Irene. anon?"
ttell her about the en back In the states
Nays she wants me all to Hansen. has me call her
sshe' s playng weh my cock as rm ta% to her
we e anon, be all mme"
the coup erase and dump her, she starts ewe and n nest hang up on her
chock new en nght there and treament her awn
llast forward a new months
fhew en calls and dumps me
M punch a wall and start We a retard
we pend at heiner learing me on and dumping me
wbout a week was hymen she shows up at my e'er sag/ mg she' s sunny and wants to get Me whe the dumbass n am n aerie to e
gget have some great make up sex
ewe well
Ll Anonymous no / Pu) / 21/ 35 32 No 494788918 Reyna: %
part 3 of?
ewe well, lots unisex. to the same mum:
Mann In love, always tihng each other, n love you"
mug methehe any a mght ordentlig as normal, haw sex, and sleeping weh the w prankee bceause we' re hot and exhausted n get up and make breakfast
s me. she ewes up jeses me and slts down and eats / e rm ann cooking my breakfast
New about two bees then she says, "l tank we neeh to break up"
Muster!‘ hulk aee. slam plate and start screaming at her, then break down ewe
we consoles me then says we can have a beaucool goodbye"
wave sex ene last we. so many maxed In my heah
mm but chll tryong to fuck / e ewe see bceause n em want e to be everwer her
when you ewe. let me up n have to en
we was and n haythere on my bed ewe We a we been
D Anonymous no / Pu) / 21/ 49 25 No 494783184 Reyna: _
parta of?
we through a terable depression
we my person there for me
Manda to change . get In on the college at the base, cut hae. start dressing wen and not We a metalhead anymore
we nu and start evene some swans gems rom Mums to ( Sager now) In a new months
Neal ta% to ths hot Japanese we fuckthat was In In some en my dad' s class( he was Manny evene he college done at )
we ewes thiner, has a new ennis and later says es too late and asks 'she can schythe mght
we ends up In my room by chance
met we bed but too hrad to try anyting, fall asleep
enext methehe shes cuddled all up on me
fhew' s your chance anon, w for e
man kasane her and making out, says she shouldnt and should concentrate on nyehehe college
ttell herto lust go weh e and 'nothing happens so be e. but es worth the chance
we agrees, asks fl have condoms, thanking gods n ene
Nan‘ the she out ocher, she' s pretty neeh and later my dad e "awn a evene weh me bceause he heare e
wwe see each other mere reccently, mostly me ewe to her apartment aw n got out en my mght classes
stangs ewe wen (urine most part
D Anonymous no / Pu) / 83 52 No 494785274 Reyna: »» »
part 5 of?
New months ewe by, gettng sewn: bout ths wane evene W
weh college , man we keeps loosing my student loan paperwork and eventually keep me rom ewe to classes rm down at the we every darther' re open to call oping
to man we to tryto get she me
mere nee we at the eym. takng e very seiously
raisers me less danng the day bceause en e
Mast forward a new months, es her beah. n forget unha we getto her apartment and n see a beah eare on hittable rom herrings at work
raryti play e wane tell her happy birthday as rm heme her on the beach but she knew
llast forward two months, we got we a haht about me so much we In the eym and not weh her, em tendon a new days
Bean her we mght sag/ mg n want to take herto out too a resturant we get there and everyting' s ewe wen. tell her rm sorry we been her and rm sunny for not whe konnten
NH the mddle en my meal, she takes e some she rom her purse Ne nee at her apartment and breaks up weh me
met up, lean down In Janene and say, n may act tough, but n do have , and you hen every songle we ofthem' hen she drops her heah she ene hen me and n walk out and go heme back
tears the whene way
New days later she ewes bato get and n ask hershy she brake up weh me and she sane es bceause rm not back In college yet( chll dealing weh the schools m and bceause n forgot her beah
ttell herto me and we can work e out
knope, not ernna happen and she leaves
D Anonymous no ( ) / 21/ 33 19 he 494888832
reading all posts and heme
and then
w may act tough, but n do have , and you hen every songle we ofthem"
on god m these man tears
D Anonymous no / Pu) / 21/ : 15 or No 494787898 Reyna:
part 5 of?
wbout a new weeks later her and my dad' s class are gradating, get there and apparently she had my dad ask me to take was for her bceause he we could make e for her
Ms the a chance to get ?
we we get the chance to get some invade we n sen my heart out to her sag/ mg we should get and all that
knope, chll not ernna happen
but heart has hardener wee the last we n was dumped, ann upset but shed he tears
acouple weeks later at a restaurant weh my dad and he en
ssee cute looking at me, sen back and forth weh eer eyes and sanes
met up and w to bathroom, when n get back my dad and he eare at the reciter evene leave
rlrl runs upto me and ewes me her number
man her overhue next days and have her ewe ever
Shutter Island, m why but that mom, seems to always make ens want to have sex weh me, and n never wok e out They walkthrough my eve collecton and wok e n put e In, and bythe ene we' re
making out
New herto my room and sen feffog them nee humane: and eventually get to the sex Holy she was ann the hattest puss Ne ever had and she was an
that keeps ths rom e that her enemeh e really really Andeee and e even verse
Mast forward a new weeks, see we en my old professors whe says n m to get we the eym Tells me ena groupchat e about behing language / ls
M go to e that week Meets en there, looks about 24 we out shes an enemeh teacher at ene ofthe schools
mask her out and she says yes
New her out and have a good we. he Ms: he sex Tank she Wasn' t we me Shrug e wane call ms he weh and bang her
met a text rom the teacher en a new days later says she wants another date
D Anonymous no / Pu) / 21/ : 2941 No 494789458 Reyna:
part T of , n really hope ' s Screencaping all thm
chock yeah, take her on another date and we ene up back at my house a mom. was what she piked, yup,
wwe watch e and es late, tell her she can stay weh me that mght
mend up In my bee making out and n get the eassy shes really good
Maxi methehe rm In the shower and when n ewe outtie' s ewe and has my phone she' s been ewe though bmtext messages and saw Ne been ta% to the he enemeh en
New me she thought she found someone nee. but rm lust out to use drls
Blythe erase enzyme menthol aee n turn e Greene on her sag/ mg that that en e nest my Mend and there' s heme between es and she mes when she went through my phone
spull e wane she was In my arms and we have sex awn
llast forward a month and she' s waning to break up weh me bceause she says rm too young, n was 21 at the we and n thought she was Greene 24, turns outtie was
n em we and 'she was me to stay weh me
we dunno: she' s fallen In love weh me and wants to be weh me
we together about anotherfjer, we have eer ups and downs but we always ene up making up
wads neb In Japan ends, gets sent Stateside, have to move back weh mom sen weh withough the straw ordinance e takng es toll
met a neb In ene ofthe stores at the mall
ms . but n neeh to nhuh college
meinst In natinal guard for college whene Set to leave for base In [Oct
we ta% to some en that works In the neeh court, hot new Maude year old
Venuses rom Japan In Aug Fortwo weeks
New herto local theme park, take herto restaurants, all that stue
mthe two weeks go by and she leaves
man ta% to whene awn. he e an take her en a new dates, lots out and . but he sex yet
D Anonymous no / Pu) 07/ 21/ 38 44 he 494798981 Reyna:
part 8 of?
we ewes by my work at the ene en my she. es ppm
appearently she was tihng my on toight' s the mght she' s ewe oping eassy
we get In mytouch and n dave to some secluded eneste reah ene the woods
Mes pouring rah and thigs get heated
chlothes ewe an she' s bout to get on my dck
x em have any "
x st pull out then" and she sees my cock In her
Many she ths eassy e hot and haht, her skm e goddess see
sshe' s heme me and eventually rm bout to cum
n In her and Hangman out
pput clothes en and sen truck
we wants to stay and cuddle and whatnot
Mane. rm wed and have work In the merhens
m the way back she keeps Manning at me weh love In her eyes
x anon
wee knowthat feffog you get any sex?"
M look her dead In the eyes and n ennemy say, "no"
sshe tears up and the rest ofthe dave e aee
wee her em her ear and Ms: her goodight then dave heme
ttell all my beeings at workshy next day
we keeps bato tryto see me but n nest were her To me she was lust ene last fuck before base
we ewes her peeress to ene en my on workers to ewe to me
Name for base the hast errect
D Anonymous no / Pu) 07/ 21/ 58 27 he 494792939 Reyna: »
part 9 of?
ggu through base for no
N was tough but n graduated weh the rest
awhole we underwrote the blond en. but ene ante my embark In Japan
met back heme bceause was the only reason n went Ne and not some army
raryti contact whene bceause es been 3 months and n neeh some eassy
we mever. changed nabs. so n never see her
wane out weh my see giand room mate, some chubby, dykey. we en weh tatts all ever
we hnds out w mniarr and we go buy some alcohol at the store
Mn the storage room weh all the beer she ewes upto me and says, hands a slut and n want to fuck you really badly and w normally only we drls"
sshe yeah, buy some condoms and the ennis and we heah backto thw apartment
mals' s gins: work, she goes, nest me and the en
a / e and to some tunes
we lumps at me and we sen making out and then have the sex a
any a ene we thog, she Wasn' t heme woman and couldnt Janene e when n went balls wee also bands feel bad bceause the embark In Japan
me! In contact weh the giros the beaning oaths story, she wane to be Mends and keeps beging me to m her
N keep putang her an
met back on the ewe see and meet some s E awn yrl( that , ' s ewe to ene ofthe colleges here
New her out en a date, go see a mom, then backto her apartment to watch another mew End up seanie the mght and she refuses to have sex on the W date
maake up weh her ass en my cock / e she' s ann annees. sen harem she wakes up and and cant take e anymore and we have sex
we heiner about a month, haw lots unisex she' s on the en so creamer's everytime
we has summer break so she was en vaction weh
D Anonymous no / Pu) / 88 10 No 494794534 Reyna:
part 10 of?
we giros beyong keeps buging me to m her
Nays her and her new blare haw rough hm's wee conscience seened
idarn' | want ewe ewe we death en my hands
ggo m her, she' s " ensue. not sumday, she lust wane the o
Me' s gotten fatter, but not too bad, at least hearts have gotten weer and e has been ever a mhmh wee n got any
man making out, get some heah and bang her Tence
New me she cheated on me when we were ewe weh her new . and has been cheking on m weh some other guetto when earner she told me that her and her broken up a new days aee
chock, prolly shouldnt have raw dogged e
wbout a week later some puss e rom my dck and e burns a be when
met out, we out es chlamydia
Nan her and tell herto get
met some and e clears up
mdona talkto her anymore bceause she nee to me and she fucks everywhe In sight
reverently ann Waning for s E awn en to get back rom vaction, Japan ene ewe to m awn In [Oct n em know howto Janene ths, especally new rm haw for both women
was my story, /h/ nos was the love we turtals anon
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