This week in science. Source: Horned dinosaur: Moon: Stem cells: CERN data: Concrete: Down's Syndrome: Cassini: T rex tooth: . 2013 This Week  OP used bitlinks
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This week in science

2013 This Week In Science
Researchers at CERN
A mission to send a Adult tissue was
new horned lunar module to the reprogrammed into stem measured the decay of the
Ivysaur was , ll Otho t sin particle to pairs of
announced. Moon S South Pole S-‘ M ? U -9 muons, a prediction of the
was announced. genetic manipulation.
standard model.
Researchers found a
way to silence the
extra chromosome in
trisomy 21 (Down' s
A new type of concrete
could reduce air
pollution by 45%.
Cassini photographed AT rex tooth was found
the Earth and Moon from lodged in the tail of
Saturn' s orbit. another dinosaur.
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