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#1 - teranin ONLINE (07/19/2013) [-]
Leo didn't freak out like a little girl. WHERE IS THIS MAN'S ******* OSCAR!?
User avatar #181 to #1 - brenton (07/20/2013) [-]
Well to be honest, there's no way that thing was loaded.
User avatar #107 to #1 - hanabro (07/20/2013) [-]
You have to act in order to get those. That was his real reaction, and not acting. Therefore, no Oscar.
#108 to #107 - Rascal (07/20/2013) [-]
Dumb ****
he was talking about his role in Django
User avatar #109 to #108 - hanabro (07/20/2013) [-]
Pretty sure he was talking about his role that was relevant to the content, anon. You see, here on the internet, there are these pictures, that are used to portray a specific emotion. We call them "Reaction Images." The content of the picture doesn't necessarily have anything to do with what he's responding to.
User avatar #15 to #1 - naldibesti (07/20/2013) [-]
Leo's great and all and i believe that he should have gotten an oscar a long time ago but i personally think Cristoph Waltz deserved it alot more
#14 to #1 - Rascal (07/20/2013) [-]
Same guy who gashed his hand on a glass and kept ******* filming while wiping his actual blood on a woman's face.
User avatar #104 to #40 - walkerjam (07/20/2013) [-]
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