Facebook. . shared Parents call it "Back Talk" we call it explaining why their wrong".‘ s photo. WHY do we need school'? Music: we have YOUTUBE for that Sport T
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shared Parents call it "Back Talk" we call it
explaining why their wrong".‘ s photo.
WHY do we need
we have YOUTUBE for that
Sport There' s a wii
rush: There' s Dora
English: everything' s
strained . (VOL, BEE. BK)
MATH: That' s
GEOGRAPHY: I' ll aiti
HISTORY: thaws
all 'ard'
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likes this.,
Music: What' s the point of listening to music if
you never understand it? Yo u' ll only end up listening to the
same stuff over and over, and you' ll never branch nut and
discover new things.
Sports: Yes, because standing still and swinging your arm is
really going to get you physically rt
Spanish: If you ever walk into a bar in Tijuana and say
Swiper, no ," vou' ll probably be brutally ******** .
English: How can you read the entire image, then? The
majority of it isn' t contractions. Heck, how are you reading
this right now?
Math: Sure, but you wouldn' t know how to use them. How will
you be able to calculate if a car with a 7. Sh; APR is cheaper
than a car with a 2. 596 APR and a down payment of 52, 000?
Geography: Hey, you' re going to vacation in Antigua., You
don' t know where that is? Here' s a globe. That' s like asking a
teacher how to spell a word, and they tell you to look in the
History: You know, Nazism sounds like a good idea, if you
don' t know about the national oppression or the brutal
****** of six million people.
As the internet would say, this picture is cancer.
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Submitted: 07/19/2013
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#181 - anonymous (07/20/2013) [-]
I disagree with his comments about music and history.
Music - You don't need to understand music to like it. Why do you need to "branch out" if you already like the music you listen to?

History - You can learn about how people applied their ideas, and though that is useful to an extent, it tells you nothing about those ideas themselves. In the past, people have been killed by hammers, therefore you shouldn't use hammers if you know that people have been killed by them?
#182 to #181 - thecrayzeeman (07/20/2013) [-]
"Let's settle for the one band/genre I like and never discover anything new."
#183 to #182 - anonymous (07/20/2013) [-]
But is there really anything wrong with that?
If they're happy with what they like, why not let them stay happy?
#188 to #183 - thecrayzeeman (07/22/2013) [-]
Because then they have this annoying tendency to bash every other genre in existence before even trying to give it a listen.
User avatar #174 - demandred (07/20/2013) [-]
The norwegian language has two versions of itself - one used by majority and one used by some weirdos on the west side. That makes two written languages (different words etc). Now, i agree to learning history, religion, math and stuff, but learning two version of writing your own language, now that's bull.
User avatar #173 - kolpster (07/20/2013) [-]
>explaining why their wrong
>their wrong

Kind of ironic, don't you think?
#168 - anonymous (07/20/2013) [-]
#166 - anonymous (07/20/2013) [-]
Yes because the only useful math is addition and subtraction.

Try doing differential equations with a calculator you stupid bitch.
#163 - anonymous (07/20/2013) [-]
**** off, fagact.
#143 - thesinful ONLINE (07/20/2013) [-]
User avatar #139 - missrainbowdash (07/20/2013) [-]
I still feel like I got jipped out of 13 years of my life, I never use any of it, and im a scienctist who works for fox news now.
#167 to #139 - thereclaimer **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #152 to #139 - Deeticky (07/20/2013) [-]
Took me a minute to get your joke.

I like it.
#141 to #139 - joltzeke (07/20/2013) [-]
Fox news is a great wealth of unbiased information. I like you sir, keep up the work.
#179 to #141 - undeadwill ONLINE (07/20/2013) [-]
Well..They aren't unbiased, they use to do the same lazy bias reporting with total spin zone that CNN does but the on;y real difference is to listen is because they are losing and it takes someone really desperate to tell you the truth now a day.

They are basically an outside opinion.

So I'd watch it but hate myself for it later.
User avatar #180 to #179 - undeadwill ONLINE (07/20/2013) [-]
Maybe a 7/10
#149 to #141 - spyisspy (07/20/2013) [-]

use 5 line breaks
#151 to #149 - joltzeke (07/20/2013) [-]

Thank you for that useful information you fine, non-homosexual gentleman.
#144 to #141 - anonymous (07/20/2013) [-]
that was the ******* joke, dude.

how did you seriously miss that?
User avatar #147 to #144 - joltzeke (07/20/2013) [-]
I didn't miss the damn joke dumb ass, I was =jut adding to it :/ dear god, calm down.
User avatar #140 to #139 - missrainbowdash (07/20/2013) [-]
somehow I don't think anyone will see the humor in this
User avatar #142 to #140 - joltzeke (07/20/2013) [-]
Trying to make light of it
#138 - evanomicfour (07/20/2013) [-]
Comment Picture
#130 - anonymous (07/20/2013) [-]

these reposts

can u not
#133 to #130 - anonymous (07/20/2013) [-]
He has to. Otherwise he wouldn't get as many thumbs.
User avatar #120 - yorker (07/20/2013) [-]
Phanact have you ****** Twi yet?
#122 to #120 - anonymous (07/20/2013) [-]
Don't encourage this ******** .
#119 - anonymous (07/20/2013) [-]
>post about cancer

#109 - anonymous (07/20/2013) [-]
I did something extremely similar to the generally same photo.
#105 - anonymous (07/20/2013) [-]
Sports is stupid.
Why do I need sports? I'm taking ******* theoretical classes.
******* hell, I'll exercise on my own time
User avatar #153 to #105 - Sethorein (07/20/2013) [-]
...But you can't play hockey 'n **** alone... and until you get old enough school is one of the only places you'll ever be taught how to play team sports...

I mean, sure you can join a league... But school kinda adds some mandatory practice to make you well rounded in a whole bunch of sports...
#148 to #105 - twothreefivefive (07/20/2013) [-]
**twothreefivefive rolled a random image posted in comment #5173304 at Furries ** Careful what you want. Look what happened to Gorden Freeman.
#108 to #105 - spazzin (07/20/2013) [-]
Some people, like myself, love sports for the fun of things. You don't need to play sports just to exercise m8.
#102 - eros **User deleted account** has deleted their comment [-]
User avatar #103 to #102 - subaqueousreach (07/20/2013) [-]
Done what?
#97 - damneegerguys (07/20/2013) [-]
"Brutal ****** of 6 million people"

Go back to school ******
User avatar #93 - chiktikkavaspaus (07/20/2013) [-]

Please somebody understand what I'm correcting.
#88 - anonymous (07/20/2013) [-]
the thing is that the commenter is probably a major beta with no friends. That's the reality.
User avatar #154 to #88 - Deeticky (07/20/2013) [-]
You have absolutely no evidence to support your assertion that he has no friends.
#87 - achmedmuhammed (07/20/2013) [-]
If you think you don't need an education you need to go to school
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