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#12 - demjimmies (07/18/2013) [-]
We all know why Scar wanted to be king
#119 to #12 - anon (07/19/2013) [-]
And that Nala was Simba's half-sister....
User avatar #110 to #12 - derpishb (07/19/2013) [-]
Aaaaaaaand there goes my childhood.
#84 to #12 - sweetjessierose (07/19/2013) [-]
You know what happens when the head lion gets killed by one of the young ones? Do you know what the lionesses do? They go straight into heat for the new head of the family. It's like hubby's dead on the grass, all the cubs have been slaughtered and suddenly everybody's singing Can You Feel the Love Tonight.
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