Batman vs Joker Explained. . fal mints 1 year age I tried explaining to my girlfriend why the Batman ean' t kill the Joker and . Sigh. permalink fal ) d mints 1 Batman vs Joker Explained fal mints 1 year age I tried explaining to my girlfriend why the ean' t kill and Sigh permalink ) d
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Batman vs Joker Explained

fal mints 1 year age
I tried explaining to my girlfriend why the Batman ean' t kill the Joker and .
fal ) d mints 1 year age
Care to explain? I don' t know either.
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fal 5117 mints 1 year a
They are fighting an ideological battle for each other' s soul. They are both two sides of the same coin:
Two individuals who, because of a horrible day in their lives, became insane and decided to take en the werld and
make it in their image.
The joker was a shitty comedian with a pregnant wife, a nice guy. On the day his wife died in a random accident he
was bullied by mobsters into committing a crime, fell into a vat of chemicals and ended up alone, in pain, and scarred
for life. The overall pain was such that he snapped.... realized that the werld is cruel, unjust and random and decided
he was going to destroy all fabric of the attempted, false, order of the werld and break everyine down
to his level. He believes morals, ethics, are hypocritical nonsense. You ISBN refer to the Dark Knight movie, in which
he says "I' m just ahead of the curve." He spends the entire movie putting everyine in front of him in situations
where, to survive, they will have to break their merel code. Even the henchmen of the black guy... there are twe. For
no reasen other than to break them, he says he will hire the ene whe will kill the other.
This is what the Jeger does, he lives to prave to peeple that he is the avatar of whe they really are: he
just refuses to lie to himself.
Batman watched his parents be murdered, went insane also and developed several obsessions, he fights to bring
justice to a werld he feels is essentially good and plagued by the unnatural disease of crime and evil. He believes in
justice above everything else, he does not kill.
Se what happens when these we men face each ether? The Joker' s ultimate victory is for the Batman, the
strangest enemy of his werld view, a persin whe refuses no matter what to break down to his level, to kill him. He
wants the Batman to kill him. He ean' t wait for Batman to do it. It will prave his paint: anyine ISBN be broken into evil,
just like him, if their pain er their reasons are strong enough.
Meanwhile the Batman is facing sameone whe is the epitemy of cruelty and senseless crime. He HAS to beat the Joker
according to his rules, to prave to himself that his rules mean samething, that they are absolute. And this is a decision
he has to face every time he eater's the Joker: do I kill him? Hew many lives will I save if I just kill him? He always
escapes Arkham.... I will be doing a good thing by ridding this werld of this supremely deranged psychopath. If only
he could break his morals in this ene ease.... this one time... fbr the greater good....
The Joker knows this. And he laughs. And he hepes.
But he also has to deal with the temptation... without the Batman he would be virtually unstoppable. Even in the werld
of DC Comics where there is Super Man, other supervillains fear him. They steer clear of him. He is tee
unpredictable, chaotic, and cruel. If only he were to kill the Batman, there is nobody out there whe understands him
enough to be able to stop him. If only he could kill the Batman... everything would be simple.
They are fighting a deeply personal, deeply ideological war. They each represent what the other ene hates the
most, and they each depend en the other to stay alive until the other bends to his will.
The last each ene of them wants is to kill the other.
It is pettie.
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