Worth The Read. Yes I know it's a repost.. Jeff - Great, banned item the gym Er life and I have in QB Er a police interview en . Friday at 8: ' Like Camment wan your earlobes are lined up with nipples
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Worth The Read

Worth The Read. Yes I know it's a repost.. Jeff - Great, banned item the gym Er life and I have in QB Er a police interview en . Friday at 8: ' Like Camment wan

Yes I know it's a repost.

Jeff -
Great, banned item the gym Er life and I have in QB Er a police interview en .
Friday at 8: ' Like Camment
wand l Sadie" and Terry I like this,
James . Wny?
Friday at 8: ' -ike
i Jeff - I dent knew if I should say, its pretty embarrassing ldl.
Friday at & ' -ike
James 5" I' ll help ydu decide, ydu should definitely say!
Guessing it involved nakedness
Friday at & ' -ike
Jeff 3" Alright fuck it, its happened new SD ill say.
Friday at & ' -ike
I Jeff-, 3; Se I was inthe gym en Monday, Its the 24 hour Inna SD
I always lila) 2: - 3: . Sometimes theres a couple of people
in there but usually its empty, On Monday it was empty, i' d been
there about 10 minutes and a girl semes in and gees dyer ED Inna of.
the exercise bikes. This girl is the spitting image w Kate Upton, Se
watching her en the bike in between my sets,
Friday at 9: ' Like
Jew :And she starts doing that thing where ydu cycle half
standing up. And her ass i. s . st going up and dawn, up and dawn, up
and dawn, up and dawn. And watching in a trance like its a fucking.
Indian snake charmer of something, Then dut of newhere like shes
psychic er something she just spins around and bert stares at me, Se
I knew Ive been caught but fer seme reasen I think the best thing ED
do is just keep leeking at her but pretend daydreaming and net
really leeking at her, Because leeking straight away weild leek guilty,
Friday at 9: ' Like
Jeff? g. " Anyway she stops cycling, jumps up and starts ED
storm dut. She gives me another evil leek en her way DUE. I think big-
fuckingtroll I was only having an peek' ffs. And she leaves the gym
straight away, she had only just get there, Well after she' d gene
thats when it got weird.
Friday at 9', ' Like
j Edge of my seat stuff this
Friday at 9: ' Like
Terry m '.' Brilliant!!
Friday at 9: . Like
Liam j cum en jeff!! ive just opend a stella up get en we it!!!
Friday at 9: ' Like ' persin
Jeff"; . 3.. .I coont' react want tn say what happened next but the
next day (tuesday just gone) I see Ive got a email from the gym .
manager. It says hes arranged a meeting with me fer Thursday and
i' I dent cemo _they' re going ED block my code ED get into the gym. Se
lila) dawn and the gym manager leeks at me like Josef Fritzl er
something, but I think fuck it, Ive talked myself det of verse. Se he
akes me into the managers office and theres him, another. staff guy
and a fucking capper. bricking it newland I hadnt cemo and just
dined Fitness First er seme shit.
Friday at 9: ' Like
James . - ‘COME en that can' t be the ending!
reday at 9: ' Like
Liam -1,. cum en jeff just spill it guna get another can dut
cum en pal lets i: u bastard
reday at 9: ' -ike
Jeff w alright hang en, making a cup of tea
reday at 9: ' -ike
I Liam j fuck :he tea pervert let us wat append in the seedy
reday at 9: ' -ike ' person
Ian 31: 3 Nothing draws a cread like the personal tales of a sex
yhur hear: dut channel S.
reday at 9: ' -ike ' persin
Barry. we A; like dear Deirdre, . . .riveting!!
reday at 9: ' -ike
James - Hew big is this cup of tea?!?
Friday at 9: ' Like
Liam 'U. .1. are u pickin the leafs w sen man!!! cum en en other
side of werld this storys gene international
Friday at 9: ' Like
Rachael I 1-". jeff i' m ndt. e'en kidding what the fuck do ydu think
ydu' re up ED? answer my calls.
Friday at 9: ' Like
Jew Se they ask me ED sit dawn. And thinking just chin
he capper and do a runner. I ask the capper "whats this all about?",
imper innocent like, as if I dent knew whats going en, but my voice.
is shaky as fuck. He just says, "we' ll have a chat in a minute, we
nave something ED shew ydu first", and points tcy the CCTV redditors,
m bricking it new and my hearts going like the clappers. They turn
me tape en and it starts before she got there, me just deadlifting
CEE) lbs like a bess. Then it shows the girl coming in, wearing those
ight jigging type things like a he. wishing they' d just fast
it tcy the fucking bad bit, The gym manager leeks mad as
uck, The other personal trainer kid is smirking like a cunt SD I knew
cheyne already watched it, just thinking fuck, fuck, fuck. Wishing
had chimed the capper and ran new. I start ED feel proper sick, Its
weird watching yourself en aided like that, Its like an -
experience. Se it shows the girl leaving the gym. Then after a couple
of minutes I get up and have a leek around the gym ED see if anudda
else is in there, like in the treadmill mdm er the bit where the mats
are, New I really dent knew why I did it, maybe it was the extra
from the deadlifts. Or maybe it was the damn deltatech.
Friday at 9: ' Like
Jeff .. . Rachael its net as bad as ydu think, Ill ring ydu back
new. Sorry,
James ',l I g' Best Friday morning story ever!
I Liam 15. 3; haha aahaha cum en spit it dut Eff this is brilliant
reday at ' -ike
Mark .. Fantastic...
reday at 9: ' -ike
E Rachael - this is absolutely ridicule's. dont bother calling in
fact, i' m net dding ED pick up. i dont even want ED knew, keep yhur
sordid activities and however much trebble ydu' re in ,
Friday at 9: ' Like
Jeff full,.,.. I Hang en guys, just en phone ED girlfriend. Trying ED
see if allowed ED say anymore.
Friday at 9: ' Like
Jew C) kl think we' re good,
Friday at 9: ' Like
Friday at 9: ' -ike
minutes. Preper gui as fuck behavior, News probably a good time
say that the CED Jar told me afterwards that the girl was raped a
bit age and joining :he gym was Inna cf the things her councellor
advised her ED do as part of getting herself back dut Into society,
And this is Inna of he reasons why shes suing me and pressing
sexual harassment charges, oh well fuck it, its done new. Se the
aided shows me : ting finish leeking around and walking dyer ED her
bicycle. leek mend again and then, new embarrassed enough
about this but horny guys knew what its like. Well I lean dawn and
start sniping the seat', Prabably fer abput IO seconds _ SD, It just
smells like perfume, big deal. Literally as I stop sniffing and start
ED lila) back ED my wads the girl semes storming back in, straight fer
me, am fuck, this bit is why in a let of trebble.
Friday a: 10', ' Like
Jeffy II_ Se the aided mews me leeking mend fer about we
Liam ",_ §." fuck me u fuckin clown hahahahaha
Friday a: 10', ' Like
James - Sounds like there is mere ED cemo
Friday at 10', ' Like
Jeff H s.., obviously I knows going ED happen next en the tape,
Se I ask if they can just stop it, I really dent want ED see the next
bit, As if the bike sniffing wasnt bad enough,
Friday at 10', ' Like
Jeff p]; The capper says no, I have ED watch it SD when they
charge me they can say aware cf the main piece of evidence, The
personal trainer started full en laughing and the bike sniffing bit but
hen calmed himself dawn because he knows how bad the next bit is
and ydu shouldnt be laughing at it, nearly crying new watching it,
wishing I was dead.
reday at AIJ: ' Like
Jeff II III The next bit the .girl semes storming dyer, thinking
new much she leeks like Kate Upton, Next thing she starts swinging
ner arms' at me SD I grab her arms tn defend myself. We end up
alling en the floor, me en top her, an accident like. She screams
what the fuck do ' think youre doing",
reday a: ' Like
Jeff iii El Shes still trying ED hit me, scratching my face and that,
Se I grad her face and I' d like ED take a minute just staright there
I' ll tell we how I became the prince of a tdon called Bellair
In west Philadelphia born and raised
Cid the playground where I spent most of my days
Chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool
And all meeting seme befall outside cf the school
When a couple of guys, they were up ED good
Started making trebble in my neighbourhood
got in Inna little fight and my mom got scared
And said "we' re moving with yhur auntie and uncle in Bellair"
whistled fer a cab and when it came near the
scense plate said "fresh" and had a dice in the mirror
f anything I could say that this cab was rare
But I thought nah, forget it, yd homes ED Bellair!
pulled up tcy a house about seven er eight
And I yelled the cabby "Yo, homes smell ydu later!"
diked at my kingdom I was finally there
d sit en my throne as the prince of Bellair
reday at ) arn ' Like
lamebook, , m
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