She won being a pirate…. She won being a pirate… . DID YOU KNOW? The mast successful pirate captain was I' Chinese prostitute ', 1, 500 vessels and having 30, 0 UShumor
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She won being a pirate…

Tags: UShumor
The mast successful pirate captain was I' Chinese
prostitute ', 1, 500 vessels and having
30, 000 sellers , fer her.
I I There is Heath nothing a sexy. bade: lady.
I exm'
rtrt' sim
the get married ht an ahead’; weenie! pirate. thug .
and ' hedged. Shawna keep
an we list aver her at pirates, and the punishments far
stepping out at the were brutal. It we state or tended tram
e fawn that presided assistance er tribute ta the pink
fleet. thing waned wrap war feasting heed elf with a
battle are and dump wet" body in the mean. If we
state tram the pirate mew. as she yhought we were
stealing tram the pirate mm. cling ihop Your
feelling head off dump wer body in the mean.
tipping any teetered Semite prisoners was be
immediate death. Fuck, had wand an while an
duty we get was heed chapped off and the wanna was
attached an the peat t' they were at
Gaing wasr' r' t fucking arer. rred. and she wanted ta malice
damn use we weren' t teasing amend when we shrewd
have been working,
ever. are get u far
faim and felting taxes an than that she pissed
at the nth when . and sent eel a massive
that ta I: -ring her in line. Mast estates prepaid: would' vty
said this was out at their pay grade end when eff fa hide
an as rennet: same ether .
them. Yahg hundreds and teetering ' ship:
them the Imperial Fleet. was were given the melee at
Wining up er been e: -Heated an the spat. the Admin! at
the mines new. Lang. was ea afraid at being
captured be has as wing back to admit he' d been beaten
be has that he ' meme.
mm new two wars. Ching shits net any kept an wry.
she taught an Chinese was as well as I: redish and Itr' it' rst' r
warships that the new halted in ta help. Finally the
gave up and altered he amnesty as we! as
enhancer far WEED Hammad.
amp Shih get to heap all her bumder. sue she retired ta the
when we amend up a brothrak and until
she was 5?.
tide We earn to terms with the merits that I' ll new be as
trade: as this wehr: ' r was.
i will be as badass as are
we knew. I head at her. but I' d either or never heard
that she grew aid and retired having news been ' eight down
er defeated eves.
sheen being a pirate,
tat' firty Shih said fuck that.
She net only heed them head an. the
the get history' s high scare.
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