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#180 - greatbear (07/13/2013) [-]

This bitch once insulted my country and I was so mad that I could've swum to her ****** town/city or wherever she lives just to kill her. This bitch doesn't even know where serbia is, and she dares speaking about serbia as if she lives here. She just kept saying some stupid propaganda things she heard from CNN or Hollywood, that dumb sheep! Arrrgh! Sorry for the hate , but I DO HATE retarded and ignorant people. Picture related, mfw I saw this clip
#223 to #180 - anon (07/13/2013) [-]
Anon is right. All Serbs are War-Criminals. Your people should be wiped off the map.
User avatar #192 to #180 - theblacksheep (07/13/2013) [-]
The only thing I know about Serbia is related to Bosnia-Herzegovina.. So needless to say they're not good images. But I'm sure it's not all that way.
User avatar #225 to #192 - crotchlesshotpants (07/13/2013) [-]
Why not good Images?
User avatar #260 to #225 - theblacksheep (07/14/2013) [-]
Well to put it briefly Serbs killed lots of people in Bosnia-Herzegovina.
#221 to #192 - crotchlesshotpants has deleted their comment [-]
#191 to #180 - anon (07/13/2013) [-]
You don't have to live in Serbia to know that its a **** country with primate-like inhabitants. I don't blame you for being dumb because you can't help it (you're Serbian after all) but at least TRY to keep your mouth shut, because with every word you say, you'll just bring more shame to your smelly, donkey-loving monkeypeople.

In other words: Who gives a **** about Serbia? - Nobody
User avatar #201 to #191 - greatbear (07/13/2013) [-]
Well at least I'm not a stupid anon
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