Bikers are awesome. Read the article for yourself. Bikers are awesome Read the article for yourself www azcentral com/news/azliving/articles/2012/07/13/20120713bikers-against-child-abuse-make-abuse-victims-fee
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Bikers are awesome

Bikers are awesome. Read the article for yourself.

Read the article for yourself.
And if you are a donating person, think about donating to this guys. Unlike most "non profit charities" 100% of money BACA gets goes to kids they are helping.

Breaking :55. Chains .3 Abuse
Imagine you are old. You
have been abused by a pedophile
and even after you dared to report
him, trial has not started yet and
he is out. He calls and threatens
he drives byyour house and police
say there is nothing they can do.
who will tellyou? Who will make
you feel safe again?
Amazing how quickly the threats
stop how the abuser stops walking
up to the door and banging on them
yelling threats to the child when
this guys are camped in the front
And children feel better, they feel
safe. Not despite the facts their
new friends are scary, BECAUSE
the fact their new friends are scary.
As a little abused boy said to the
judge at the trial of his abuser
when asked if he is scared:
Why not?"
Surprised judge asked.
Because my friends are here,
and they are scarier then he is."
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