8 funny facts. 8 funny facts . Wearing skinny jeans can cause nerve damage. We Comment Share You' ll eat about 35, 000 cookies in a lifetime. we Comment Share U UShumor
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8 funny facts

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Wearing skinny
jeans can cause
nerve damage.
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You' ll eat about
35, 000 cookies in
a lifetime.
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Unlike -their ~ 4535 v "till
Nemo appeared in the
movie" Monster' s Inc." as
one of Boo' s toys 2 years
before "Finding Nemo"
was released.
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Dr. Dre didn' t know
was white
until they met.
I -t. W. a' iihf: iori', didn' t know Dre was there
uni he turned on the .''
like T Reply ‘ A few seconds ago ‘ Edam
thought Dr. Dre was a
real doctor.
Unlike Reply " 1, 227 ~ RF, April at 11: 33
c _ Like Reply 13592 ' W, Apel 'nomral
Swans only have one partner
for their whole life. If their
partner dies they could pass
J away from broken heart
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s, s. -zsr, aii. ciivil lovestory than Mich:
Couples who have a TV
in their bedroom have
about half the amount
of sex less.
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throws the h/ out '. A%
we newly "Ewa R' Annat 11: 11. 3 we mama
If you chew gum when
you study a subject and
then chew the same
flavor when you take
the test it will help you
Like Comment Share D 4, 535
A use was he HIS.
that' s my be teacher doesn' t wantes to mew mm
pr T class... they wallus to an
we ‘Reply < A 1334- Au‘:
A study finds: Writing
down your worries
just before taking an
exam can boost your
test score.
we Cumment share
so 'Qgru' rses' M.' aea
irt (me for that
we Renly' - Apel at 'ram
During your
lifetime, you will
produce enough i
saliva to fill 2 "
swimming pools e
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User avatar #1 - deltoraquest
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(07/12/2013) [-]
the cookies one is complete horse ****. if someone lived to be 100 and ate a cookie every day of their entire life: they would be lucky as **** to be one hundred and since there are 365 days in a year, times that by 100 is 36500, minus when you have to not eat solid foods...say when you reach 3 years of age so minus 1095 days then you will spend 35405 days, eating one cookie each day. and if you're like me or someone who dislikes sweet foods (not like me, don't worry) you will not spend 35405 days not eating a cookie
User avatar #3 - ktbmnf
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(07/12/2013) [-]
i dont eat cookies. never in the pantry. thought i'd share.
User avatar #2 - pompladouche
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(07/12/2013) [-]
you keep copying other people's **** and I'll keep telling everyone IMFUNNY . NET